Meet Christopher, Our 1st Group Fitness Instructor Spotlight!

Our iNLeT Fitness gym in Virginia Beach is known for one-of-a-kind, energizing group fitness classes, led by motivating and empowering instructors, like Chris Stover! Get to know Chris better in this month’s instructor spotlight – and then sign up for one of his group fitness classes like dance bootcamp or spinning. Find this month’s schedule online!

Group Fitness Instructor Name: Christopher Stover

Nickname: Milkshake, Token, Gupta

Birthday: April 8th

  1. What is one of your favorite childhood memories? My grandma finally telling me that you are not supposed to eat the entire shrimp! Break off the tails!
  2. Who was your favorite Spice Girl? SCARY SPICE! She was bad a**!
  3. What is your favorite thing to do outside of the gym? Spend time with my “kids”
  4.  What is your favorite Restaurant? Masala Bites
  5.  What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? Val-Pak

Want to learn more about this month’s group fitness instructor? Find the full interview here!

6 New Reasons to Love Spin Class

Spin class has been around for a while, but you may not realize there a lot of great reasons to fall in love with this dynamic fitness method. Here are six great reasons why spin classes at iNLet Fitness’ Virginia Beach gym might become your new BFF.

1. Burn Fat, Build Endurance
Spin classes utilize high intensity interval training (HIIT), which alternates intense bursts of activity with lower intensity “rest” periods.

This method increases total calories burned while working out. It also increases total fat burned in the hours after working out while your heart rate remains elevated and your body replenishes energy stores in your muscles.

The stresses put on your cardiovascular system also force it to adapt to greater energy demands more quickly than most other training methods. Pro endurance sports athletes use HIIT to make the quickest fitness gain – and with spinning classes, you can do the same.

2. Accomplish More with Less Gym Time
Fortunately, greater fat burning and fitness doesn’t require more gym time. Spinning classes allow you to spend less time at the gym and more time doing all the other things you love.

The intense intervals blur the lines between strength and endurance training in order to force your muscles to burn glucose stores. This both builds muscle and conditions the cardiovascular system in less time than it takes to do a gym session with separate strength and cardio workouts.

3. Increased Motivation
The rewards of spin class will pull you forward: think of the huge fat burning and fitness gains you’ll achieve by completing your workout. Spinning in a group class brings a sense of collective energy and accountability.

Don’t depend on willpower alone to carry you to your fitness goals; take advantage of the group dynamic to help spur you onward.

4. A Fitness Program You Don’t Have to Think About
One of the keys to a successful fitness program is consistency. One of the best ways to maintain a workout schedule is to have a set, effective program to fall into.

There’s no need to wonder what you’re going to work on today – all you have to do is show up, and you know you’ll walk away afterward feeling a step closer to your fitness goals!

5. Group Fitness that Fits You Personally
Despite working out with a group, you have the flexibility to work out at your own fitness level in a spinning class.

With fully adjustable resistance controls and heart rate monitoring, you’ll be able to implement a workout that is a stretch for you, but still attainable. There’s no reason to push too hard to catch up with others, be bored by everyone else’s pace, or compare yourself to anyone but yourself.

6. Spinning is Fun!
Even if you aren’t a cycling enthusiast, you’ll likely find yourself looking forward to spinning classes. Classes incorporate energizing music, imagery, and words; community; and of course, a great workout. You’ll find yourself coming back for the positive atmosphere alone!

Spin classes combine the best in fitness to give you a workout that is both effective and fun. Come in for regularly scheduled spin classes at our gym in Virginia Beach to get the greatest bang for your gym time!

3 Fast Ways to Blast Fat at Virginia Beach Gym

Are you in a hurry to lose those unwanted inches? Ready to rid yourself of those unwelcome pounds? iNLeT Fitness Great Neck, the best gym in Virginia Beach, has what you need to succeed.
Our health club offers services and amenities to help you get fit, fast. Know what else? You’ll have fun, too!

With over 60 classes each week, group fitness classes at our Virginia Beach gym provide you with the energy, motivation, and confidence you need to get it done. Our certified trainers offer structure to keep you on track, and you’ll be surrounded by others who, like you, are ready to meet this challenge head on.

How’s that?

We know that dropping inches isn’t always easy; it takes commitment and a positive, winning mindset. You can do it! To help get you started — here are three ways you can blast fat — and do it fast — at INLeT Fitness.

Up the Intensity

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a workout composed of three minutes of intense exercise, followed by one minute at a slower pace. Then you start all over and repeat for a few more rounds.

For example, three minutes of mega-watt spinning is followed by one minute of slower cycling. The intense spinning will skyrocket your heart rate, and the slower cycling will allow your heart and breathing to slow down and recover. But not for long! After one minute of slow intensity, you’ll do it all over again. The quick burst of energy – followed by a recovery time – keeps your metabolism working long after you’ve stopped exercising. In fact, you’re likely to continue burning fat for hours afterward!

Maximum Effort

Ever heard of Tabata? It’s a quick workout that will push your body to the extreme; in fact, it may feel like the longest four minutes you’ve ever experienced.
This type of interval training requires 20 seconds of one type of exercise (for example, lunges) where you give it all you’ve got. You rest for 10 seconds and then hit it again for another 20 seconds of another exercise (like push-ups). After eight rounds, you’re done. But the fat-burning continues on, long after you’ve left our Virginia Beach health club.

Swing It!

Loosen up and move to the rhythms of a Zumba class. It’s more dance than exercise, but don’t let that fool you. Your heart will be pumping, your muscles will be toning, and the calories will be burning as you work out to high-energy Latin and international beats. Think of it as an exercise party!

Check out our group fitness schedule for more classes to spin, dance, and chisel away those inches and burn those calories.
Or better yet, swing by INLeT Fitness Great Neck – check out our amazing amenities, meet with a personal trainer – and get ready to blast that fat into another dimension!

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