It has come to our attention that Governor Northam has issued a mandatory limit of only 10 patrons in a structure at any given time. Phil and I cannot justify keeping the gym open with these new orders in place and the fact that we could be an agent that could further spread this infection. We will continue to follow the state-issued guidelines which are in effect until April 1st. We will keep everyone in the loop via email and all of our social media platforms as to what to expect in the future.


Please know that we feel awful about closing but in the long run, it will not only keep our community safe but our country as well. I would advise you all to maintain an active daily routine to boost your immune system. This is doctor recommended! We will be streaming workouts via Facebook live as soon as we can wrap our heads around the new normal. I want to say that Phil and I respect and love each and every one of you and we will be here when the dust settles. Be strong and we will conquer together.


Yours in health,

Rick Reed