UPDATE: We will be offering text message service to members for need to know information regarding opening updates, events etc. If you are interested in this service with us please email erin@inletfitness.com with your preferred cell phone number so we can make sure our system is up to date. We will send out an opt in message prior to launching this service.

Dear iNLeT Family,

It’s April 1st and man this is an April Fool’s Day for the record books! As our own little iNLeT Covid-19 response team is hunkering down, I wanted to fill you guys in on what we are up to and what you guys can expect on your return. Our number one priority will be to reassure everyone that our gyms will be immaculate. We have already ordered an electromagnetic disinfecting spray gun that we will employ on all contact surfaces multiple times a day to knock down any and all viruses and germs. We have 2-3 other measures we are investigating and when we have a more concrete grasp we will let you know our plans.

At our Great Neck gym, Laurie Picasso is painting every inch of every wall in the joint. Paula is manning the key boards and digesting everything Covid related. She is keeping us in touch with bankers and CPA’s making sure our members and staff are taken care of. Jessie, our deep cleaner, is cleaning from the roof to the floors! Phil has perfected at least a dozen new Willy T tricks and wields a mean paint brush as well. This place is gonna look fresh when we re-open.

At our South gym we are one week out from having brand new spaces! The new ladies only space is finished, as well as the new Tribe room. They both look amazing! I will send pictures out later this week. The new childcare space will be completed this weekend. Scotia will have everything moved in next week and ready for the kiddos on their return. Margen, her husband Rick and my son Jett are painting and cleaning the place up nicely.

Megan is keeping our socials up to speed and not posting my crazy haired not so funny videos. Our super trainers and group fitness staff are keeping you healthy via Facebook live and Zoom workouts.

I am super proud of our team! We are here every day doing the work to make sure your gym is a healthy and safe space. Albeit a quiet space without all of your bodies in here getting after it. We will soon be back to a normal day and a normal routine. Again, keep up with your fitness routine and we will see you on the other side of this mess.

Yours in health,

Rick Reed

(Membership dues will not resume until we reopen)