Healthy Beach Snacks

Healthy Beach Snacks

By: Amy Ricciardella, BS Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition, Personal Trainer


Here is a list of healthy beach snacks that won’t make you feel bloated or heavy:

Apples and Natural Peanut Butter/Almond Butter–a fruit and protein balanced snack can be filling without weighing you down. Choosing a nut-based butter that is sodium free, natural, and/or raw is the best choice to decrease sodium which can cause bloating.

Celery and Hummus–celery has the crunch that you get from a potato chip without the added salt or fat. Hummus, which is made from chickpeas and tahini, is rich in protein and contains plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3s are great for improving intelligence and maintaining a healthy heart.

Raw Almonds–nuts will not spoil in the sun which makes this the perfect snack to bring to the beach! They are filled with fiber and potassium. Make sure you pre-measure the serving size because too many almonds can add extra calories and fat to your diet.

Melon–Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Honeydew are sweet and high in potassium. Chill them in a cooler with ice to keep them cold!

Water with Lemon, Lime or Ginger–carbonated sodas can make you feel yucky which is not how you want to spend your day at the seaside. Instead, add citrus or ginger to your water for a refreshing way to quench your thirst.

Roasted Chickpeas–make a bowl of homemade spicy roasted chickpeas to have a snack that you can crunch and munch on while getting a serving of protein and fiber!

Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes–a classic Italian beach eat, tomatoes rellenos, or stuffed tomatoes with tuna is a protein-packed and low-carb snack to enjoy at the beach. For the healthiest version, try this light tuna salad recipe. Core the tomatoes before you leave home and spoon in the tuna salad before you bite. Keep all ingredients chilled!

Sliced Cucumbers and Dip–substitute your favorite ranch dip with non-fat plain Greek yogurt for a cool and creamy treat. Slice a cucumber with an apple wedger for a dippable snack option.

Homemade Trail Mix–by making your own trail mix, you control the sugar and sodium that it contains; it’s a great crunchy snack, minus the sandy hands!

Wraps–stuff low sodium lunch meat or veggies into a low carb tortilla. Add hummus and roasted peppers in place of calorie laden mayo. Tortillas wrapped in foil will keep their shape better than a roll or slice of bread!

Frozen Berries–frozen at home, they are cold and ready to eat at the beach! Popping fresh berries makes for a healthy, anti-oxidant rich treat with the best flavor and nutritional benefits!

Tabbouleh or Quinoa Salad–a homemade salad packed in Tupperware along with a whole wheat pita is an easy and filling snack or meal. Load your salad with fiber rich vegetables and keep it olive oil based.

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