Metabolic Testing: Gain Knowledge, Lose Weight

Metabolic Testing: Gain Knowledge, Lose Weight

If you are struggling to see the fruits of your labor at the gym, it’s time to direct your attention to your fork and the fridge. Try as you might, you simply can’t outrun your fork.  While weight loss is one of the many benefits of regular exercise, weight loss is more successful when coupled with sound nutrition.

Sound nutrition is not living on a “diet” but rather making decisions to provide your body with quality fuel to sustain your daily activities.  When buying a new car, you learn the vehicle’s facts- you learn its fuel capacity, miles to the gallon, as well as the suggested fuel grade for optimal performance.  Likewise, it is important to know how much fuel your body needs to sustain energy throughout the day.  Eating too little results in sluggishness and weakness, and overeating results in uncomfortable indigestion, an increasing waistline, and blood sugar levels that are all over the map.  Thus, knowing the quantity of food your body needs is essential.  Additionally, the quality of the food is paramount; what we take in is reflected in the output or the lack thereof of energy.

Knowing how much fuel your body burns and needs to sustain itself is important.  At Inlet Fitness South, we offer metabolic testing.  The ten minute breath analysis measures the amount of oxygen that your body consumes as a measure of your resting metabolic rate. Resting metabolic rate is the number of calories your body burns at rest without lifting a finger.  It accounts for 60-70% of your total metabolic rate.  Your resting metabolic rate is dictated by your age, height and weight, gender, genetics, hormones, and your muscle mass.  The remainder of your total metabolic rate is contingent upon your activity level and exercise.  Upon completing your breath analysis, our nutrition counselors review the number of calories your body burns at rest, how many calories you need to maintain your current weight, and how many calories you need to lose weight.  There is no guessing; there are no generic formulas.  The calorie zones for weight maintenance and weight loss are specific to each tested individual.   Taking this information and coupling it with food logging is a terrific strategy for long lasting weight loss. Most overweight people underestimate their caloric intake by up to 30%.  Thus, utilizing a tracking system that suits your lifestyle (be it through a phone app or good old pencil and paper) leads to better nutritional awareness and weight loss success.


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