October Instructor Spotlight: Casey

Here's Our October Instructor Star!

Name: Casey
Nicknames: Caseuhdilla, Dilla
Birthday: April 22
Where were you born? Virginia Beach
When did you start teaching at iNLeT? May 2018

I first started training with Rick when I was in high school. When I retired from Team USA, I realized that iNLeT was my happy place and I wanted to work there.


Who is someone (dead or alive) you would LOVE to workout with and why?
Michael Jordan because not only is he arguably the best basketball player of all time but, he is also a Tar Heel!

Who is your go to person for life advice?
My mom! I am super competitive and impulsive, but she is more relaxed and sensible. She gives the best advice because she always offers a different perspective.
She is my role model and mentor.

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