High-Tech Fitness Tracking

Track your fitness in real time! At our Virginia Beach gym, we’re proud to present fitness tracking through MYZONE, a wearable device that keeps you right on target. After all, that which gets measured gets managed.

my zone image

Even the best fitness programs can go off track if you aren’t paying attention!

MYZONE helps you know where you started and how much progress you’ve made. That way you’ll know how much farther you have to go to achieve your goals.

The MYZONE device straps on to measure and store up to 16 hours of heart rate, calories, and effort data. The device even connects with 3rd party equipment for maximum versatility. Data can be viewed live or reviewed later in the free MYZONE smartphone app, which also allows you to connect with friends.

Try out the most accurate and versatile wearable device available to keep you moving toward success! We have it here at iNLeT Fitness, the best gym in Virginia Beach!