Results are reached with working out AND proper nutrition . Consult one of the certified nutrition counselors out our Virginia Beach gym to find a diet that supports your healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional counseling includes a Metacheck Metabolism Test to determine your resting metabolic rate and a Metacheck Report that indicates calories burned when at rest and other calorie burning information such as your weight maintenance zone, weight loss zone, and also your metabolic rate compared to others in your demographic.

Dietary Analysis also provides feedback on the carbs:protein:fat ratio and nutritional quality or your current diet. Your current strengths and areas needing improvement to achieve your fitness and wellness goals will be assessed, and a personalized goal setting plan will be designed especially for you.

In addition, come away with great meal planning guides and educational materials. Follow up appointments and support is available through continued online dietary tracking and face-to-face consultations.

Nutrition Questionaire