Best Way to Improve Your Fitness –
Know Where You’re Starting!

Get your body composition tested at iNLeT Fitness for just $20! *$30 for non-members & $10 to re-test The new year is right around the corner! Now is the time to see where you are and plan where you want to be with your fitness goals. There are various methods to test your body composition, […]

November is Yoga Awareness Month at iNLeT Fitness

Join us throughout the month for special events and classes to introduce EVERY body to yoga to find the practice that best fits into their workout routine. “The practice of yoga has been around for thousands of years & still is relevant today. I have found through my own personal journey that “Yoga” will meet me […]

The Joy of Personal Training

If you were to ask any of our trainers at iNLeT, I would bet we all have different reasons for getting into Personal Training. I’m Lyndsay, and my story revolves around a lifelong love for athletics and exercise. I grew up in a very active home with parents who enjoyed physical activity and outdoor play. […]

See how TRIBE Team Training Can Help You Achieve Results You Want

Are you stuck in a fitness rut? Not sure where to start? TRIBE Team Training offered by iNLeT Fitness will help you achieve the results you have been looking for and give you the accountability you need. iNLeT Fitness offer TRIBE Life, TRIBE Fit and TRIBE Punch to give you a one of a kind […]

A Thank You to All Our Members!

To all my iNLeT Fitness Great Neck peeps- As we approach out 19th year of serving you guys a multitude of health and fitness goodies, I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing us to be your go to for all of you fitness desires. You keep coming back to sweat it […]

Tribe Team Training

As we wrap up our first season of TRIBE Team Training at iNLeT Fitness in Virginia Beach, our members are loving our new small group training program. Here is what a few have to say about their first season of TRIBE Team Training. “There are so many good things about TribeLife™,” writes Carol, “where do […]

Heart Rate Training: Is It Right For Me?

Heart rate training uses your heart rate (the number heart beats per minute) to determine how much effort you’re exerting during aerobic exercise. The goal is to maintain certain heart rate levels for certain periods of your workout, depending on what you’re training for. The tricky part of heart rate training is that it’s not […]

Group Fitness Instructor Spotlight: Jeff Kline

    Name: Jeffrey Michael Kline Nicknames: Jeff, J-Kline Birthday: December 3 Where were you born?: Norfolk, VA When did you start teaching at iNLeT: 2012                                    1.What motivates you in the gym? To not get stale in what I teach.  […]

3 New Ways to Work Your Glutes

Ready to get your glutes back in shape? iNLeT Fitness in Virginia Beach has just the equipment you need to restore your glutes to their former glory. Your glutes are by far the largest and strongest muscle group in your body. Strengthening them will fire up your metabolic fat burning engine to cut fat. You’ll […]

Meet Christopher, Our 1st Group Fitness Instructor Spotlight!

Our iNLeT Fitness gym in Virginia Beach is known for one-of-a-kind, energizing group fitness classes, led by motivating and empowering instructors, like Chris Stover! Get to know Chris better in this month’s instructor spotlight – and then sign up for one of his group fitness classes like dance bootcamp or spinning. Find this month’s schedule […]