Anyone, from those completely new to fitness to elite athletes, can benefit from a coach. Knowledgeable and certified trainers at iNLeT Fitness’s Virginia Beach gym are available to help guide you to fitness success.

No matter your level of fitness, you’ll get something from sitting down with one of our trainers. Based on your individual needs, our trainers will help you design a fitness program that will get you to your goals using the most effective and current methods available.

By tailoring your fitness program to you, our trainers are invaluable teammates toward the end of strength and endurance training, weight loss, and overall health.

Our trainers do more than just set you on the path; they are there to be with you throughout. Whether it is to introduce you to proper use of equipment and performance of exercise, to track your performance and keep you accountable, or provide some extra motivation, our trainers provide the support you need to follow through.

Personal training, functional training, and small group training are all available to our members. Find out which option is best for you: call iNLeT Fitness at 757-412-0600 or email Paula Curtin at