Looking for a workout that is practical rather than just pretty? The iNLeT Fitness gym in Virginia Beach provides functional training programs and equipment so you can tailor your workout to your everyday life.

Functional training focuses on exercises that support the specific movements and actions you do on a daily basis. Athletes might focus on strengthening sports-specific movements, senior members might work on flexibility and mobility, while people with sedentary jobs might do exercises that loosen up muscles stiff and sore from sitting.

For help designing a pragmatic functional training program, consult one of our knowledgeable personal trainers – they will find ways to use our extensive array of free weights, specialized functional training equipment, and more to design a program unlike any other!

Find out about functional training at our Virginia Beach gym. Call iNLeT Fitness at 757-412-0600 or email Paula Curtin at paula@inletfitness.com.