5 Ways to Burn More Fat

5 Ways to Burn More Fat

Have a goal to burn more fat? Then put on your shoes, grab a towel, get yourself in gear, and head over to iNLeT Fitness South! Our gym in Virginia Beach is designed for those who are serious about their health and wellness, and we offer classes, services, and amenities that will help you burn fat, shed calories, and take your fitness to the next level.

1-Make Sure Your Engine has the Right Fuel

Before embarking on any weight loss/fat burning program, take a look at the food you’re putting into your body. Food is fuel, and protein-filled meals and snacks help keep your body powered-up for fat-burning potential.

By snacking on the proper food every few hours, your blood sugar and insulin levels are stabilized and you won’t feel so hungry. And snacks – both before and after your workout at our Virginia Beach gym – will ensure your body has the firepower to drive through any routine.

iNLeT Fitness South offers nutritional counseling  services, ready to help members determine the carbs/protein/fat ratio of their current lifestyle – and suggest opportunities for improvement.

Step one to burning fat? The right food.

2- Forge Ahead with a Fitness “Roadmap”

Ok, now that you recognize the importance of your fuel, consider seeking the guidance of a personal training. Think of personal training as your roadmap to success; you’ll discover the exercises you’ll enjoy most – as well as the intensity and duration needed to succeed. Your personal trainer is your very own coach and cheerleader, here to help you create achievable goals – and hold you accountable as you work hard to reach them.

Step number two for burning fat? Setting achievable goals.

3- Kick it Up a Notch with Group Fitness

Group fitness classes at our Virginia Beach health club are dynamic, fun, motivating, and convenient. You’ll make friends and have the support of others who are working just as hard as you to achieve health and wellness goals. You’ll find everything from high-intensity Zumba, spinning, and HIIT – to the more mellow workouts of yoga, Pilates, and Barre. Anything that gets you moving – and your heart pumping – helps melt the inches.

If you’d prefer to workout on your own, single station cardio, strength, and circuit training equipment is available, too.
Step three for burning more fat? Encouragement and guidance.

4- Try Tabata

Tabata is a type of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that pushes you to your max – and beyond. Twenty second bursts of high intensity exercise are followed by ten seconds of rest – and this is repeated eight times – for a total extreme workout in just four minutes. Hard work? Yes. The benefits of Tabata? Fat-burning for hours after you’ve done your last rep.

Step four? Working hard and pushing your limits.

5-Balance it Out at BOSU Bootcamp

Try something new. A BOSU Balance Trainer (BOSU for short) is a ball that is flat on one side, rounded on the other. BOSU stands for Both Sides Up, and working out with the flat side down (push-ups or burpees) means stability. Exercising with the ball side up (lunges, jumps, and squats, to name a few) is a bit more challenging.

With a workout that improves balance, endurance, core strength, and flexibility, BOSU Bootcamp challenges you to use muscles you forgot you had.

Step number five? Mix up your routine.

Burning fat is a process. It begins with an assessment of where you are – and where you want to be. Change your lifestyle by eliminating processed foods, eating high protein meals and snacks, and lots of leafy greens – and don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Find an exercise you like – and will commit to – and surround yourself with those who will encourage and support you. Add new and exciting exercise to your routine occasionally, to keep yourself from growing bored with your workout.

You can do this.