A Few Reasons to Try Yoga

A Few Reasons to Try Yoga

Why Yoga? Because you are going to feel better. Period. No, you don’t have to be flexible to start, but you will gain flexibility. No, you don’t have to be able become a human pretzel, that’s overrated. However, in time, you will stand a little straighter, feel taller and be more conscious of your posture. Squatting or bending over to floor won’t be so dreadful or painful.  What you have to be able to do is breathe.

The hardest part: walk through the door, roll out your mat, stop and tell yourself “I should be here,” make sure you have water and chill. Each instructor teaches a little differently, but all very qualified to lead you through poses to honestly open you up, physically and mentally.

Give more than one teacher and style of yoga a chance.  Commit to at least 3 classes. You start to see change when you complete 3 classes and continue.

You will tap into muscles that may have been forgotten, you could be a little sore the next day, but you’ll sleep amazingly well that night. You will increase blood flow which brings oxygen to your blood cells, increase bone density, calm your nervous system just to mention a few more cool attributes of yoga.

You may temporarily forget some of the unnecessary things you carry around with you i.e. your mental baggage. Consequently, you will feel better. Try it.

If it isn’t for you 3 classes later, it’s ok. If it speaks to you and makes you feel better because you’ve broken up some of the toxins in your body and freed your mind, even better. We look forward to seeing you very soon. Grab a friend and give it a try. Seriously, get on a mat.