Virginia Beach Gym Offers MYZONE Fitness Tracking

The iNLeT Fitness South gym in Virginia Beach makes sure you have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals by offering fitness tracking through MYZONE!

My Zone Program at Inlet Fitness South

Keep track of your fitness progress. It’s easy to get derailed from even the simplest fitness programs. By focusing on trends in your fitness data, the bigger picture of your fitness progress will help pull you forward. The MYZONE device straps on to measure and store up to 16 hours of heart rate, calorie, and effort data. The device even connects with 3rd party equipment for maximum versatility.

Once you’ve identified achievable fitness goals, MYZONE will help you monitor your progress and stay on track. You’ll have a baseline of where you started and can visibly watch as you progress toward better health and wellness. You’ll also see how much farther you need to go to achieve your goals, all in real time.

You can view your data live or go over it later using the free MYZONE smartphone app. You can even connect with friends and support each other in your goals!

fitness member running while using my zone phone app
my zone promo app on phone at inlet fitness gym
woman cheering while holding phone with my zone phone app

MYZONE  is the most accurate and versatile wearable device on the market. Give it a try at either of our Virginia Beach gym locations!