Secure Childcare at Virginia Beach Gym

Please call your iNLeT Fitness location for temporary childcare hours and stipulations.


Don’t worry about who to leave the kids with when it’s time to exercise — bring them with you! iNLet Fitness South is a family-friendly gym in Virginia Beach that offers onsite childcare for your convenience.

iNLeT South Childcare hoursWork out with peace of mind knowing that your kids are safe, playing, and making new friends. With caring staff, toys, games, activities, and playmates all there for them, your children will have fun, learn, and remain active while they are in our care.

We have a place for children 6 weeks to 13 years old in our childcare area. Even new mothers can get right back to working out! Come by our Virginia Beach gym for a visit, take a tour. Talk to our staff for more information about our onsite childcare services!