Beginner’s Guide to Heart Rate Training

Beginner’s Guide to Heart Rate Training

Much of the cardio equipment at iNLeT Fitness in Virginia Beach features heart monitoring capabilities for heart rate training. If you’ve decided to give heart rate training a try, here’s how you go about it.

Work by Feel for a While

Since there are so many factors influencing heart rate besides exertion and fitness, getting a feel for your own physical exertion will help give you a better sense of how accurate your heart rate readings are on any given day.

To find your heart rate zones (below), you’ll need to determine your maximum heart rate. Testing for a max heart rate is fairly rigorous exercise in itself.

To prepare for the test, you’ll want to build up a base level of cardio fitness with a month or two of 3-4 light workouts a week until you feel ready to push yourself harder.

Know Your Zones

Heart rate training involves adjusting the effort of your workouts based on your training goals and your heart rate zones. The heart rate zones are the following percentages of your heart rate reserve:

  • Zone 1 60-70%: warmup and cooldown
  • Zone 2 70-80%: you can hold a conversation in this zone
  • Zone 3 81-93%: you can only speak in short sentences or phrases
  • Zone 4 94-100%: hard effort at a sustainable pace, hard to say more than a few words

Establish a Training Program

Different training goals and methods demand different heart rate zones. Work with a personal trainer at our gym in Virginia Beach to help design a heart rate training program that suits your personal goals and needs.

Keep a Training Log

Keeping a training log can help you better understand your heart rate trends, track progress toward goals, and work out consistently.

List your daily workout goals, then record your actual heart rate data for your workout to see how you did. Be sure to note any factors besides your workout that could have affected your heart rate, such as temperature outside, altitude, dehydration, caffeine and other drugs, sleep, and stress.

If you need help establishing your heart rate training program, consult with a certified personal trainer at our Virginia Beach health club to understand how it works!