Finding your Fitness by Lacy Knopik

I have always been a relatively active person. But I never really felt healthy. My weight fluctuated like a rollercoaster and I had tried pretty much every diet and weight loss pill you could think of. It was while we were stationed in Hawaii (which was amazing by the way) that I finally got ahold […]

August Instructor Spotlight: Lacy Knopik

Name: Lacy Knopik Nickname:Lace Birthday: September 17 Where were you born? Grand Island, Nebraska When did you start teaching at iNLeT? July 13!   What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? The military moved us to Virginia Beach, and after visiting a couple other gyms, I found iNLeT and just felt at home. I loved the staff and fellow […]

Pilates Reformer Leg Circles At iNLeT Fitness South

Have you tried the Pilates Reformers at iNLeT Fitness South with one of our personal trainers? Reformers are Pilates equipment that adds assistance and/or resistance to a common mat-based Pilates workout. It helps work on core strength, stability, mobility, and symmetry. It uses a spring system to add weight to the exercises performed. The more […]

July Instructor Spotlight: Madison Lewis

Name: Madison Lewis Nickname: MadLew, Mad(s) Birthday: May 20 Where were you born? Virginia Beach When did you start teaching at iNLeT? May 2019!   What is your favorite thing to do outside of the gym? I love going to the beach and hanging out with friends at concerts, breweries, or anywhere with a welcoming atmosphere.   If you […]

June Instructor Spotlight: Millie

Name: Millie Birthday: September 4 Where were you born? Richmond When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 2017   What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? I first started working out at iNLeT while I was in high school. It was the cool gym that everyone belonged to and I liked the flexibility and reliability!   What motivates you […]

May Instructor Spotlight: Jamie Dockiewicz

Name: Jamie Dockiewicz Nicknames: Jame, Jamer, El Diablo in some circles Birthday: December 17 Where were you born? Rochester NY When did you start teaching at iNLeT? November 2010   What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? I was six weeks postpartum with Eli and wanted a gym closer to home with excellent childcare.   What is your favorite […]

April Instructor Spotlight: Ami Brown

Name: Ami Brown Nicknames: Ami-chan Birthday: July 7 Where were you born? Tokyo, Japan When did you start teaching at iNLeT? December 2018    What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? Ms. MaryAnn!!!   What is the most recent show you have binged on Netflix? Umbrella Academy   What is your favorite color Starburst? Pink   What motivates you […]

March Instructor Spotlight: Amy Ricciardella

Name: Amy Ricciardella Nicknames: Amy Ric Birthday: March 13 Where were you born? Lansdale PA (suburb of Philly) When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 2005 at Great Neck. I’ve taught at gyms in Fallon NV, Memphis, and Boston— iNLeT Fitness is the BEST!    What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? I took Rick and Phil’s classes […]

Testimonial – Jamie

  I began training with Jamie in late October; my first baby was almost 1 year old and I had been working hard to push my body to get stronger and healthier. I knew there was a lot Jamie could teach me and new limits she could push me to. I was excited to work […]

February Instructor Spotlight: Lyndsay Krueger

Name: Lyndsay Krueger Nicknames: Lynds Birthday: November 15 Where were you born? Milwaukee, Wisconsin When did you start teaching at iNLeT? July 2018   What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? We had just moved to the area and I started touring gyms nearby. I tried a few of the classes at iNLeT and knew it […]