Group Fitness Spotlight: Maryann

Maryann started off as a member of iNLeT Fitness South just two months after our Virginia Beach gym opened for business in 2007. Her workouts included lifting on her own and group fitness classes, where she discovered her passion for Zumba. In 2010, Maryann earned her certification; she then joined forces with a longtime friend, Carmen, to team teach Zumba classes at our gym. Members knew they were coming in for an energetic party and a GREAT workout!

Over the years, Maryann has adjusted her personal workouts to include heavier weight training, which compliments her ability to lead a dynamic Zumba class. The benefits to her physique speak for themselves!

The strength training class at our gym in Virginia Beach, CHISEL, was added to her roster at iNLeT Fitness South and members LOVE her class. It is so great to see her empowering women to be strong! Muscles are BEAUTIFUL and lifting weights is FUN.

And don’t forget about her POWER FIGHT class! This non-impact cardio class allows you to enjoy all the benefits of boxing-inspired workouts with NO gloves.

Nicknames: Mestiza

Birthday: September 14

Where were you born?: Philippines

When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 2010

Who is your go to person for life advice? My husband

What is a scene from a TV show/movie that you will never forget? “Hellooooo, Clarice”  – Silence of the Lambs

 What is something you say a lot? You ROCK!

What is your favorite Restaurant? Peter Chang

See the full interview here.

Brooke | Group Fitness Class Instructor

Name: Brooke Sheetz Harrison

Nicknames: Brooklyn, Brookie, Brooka, Beast, Mean Mama (courtesy of my daughter)

Birthday: May 9th

Where were you born?:  Norfolk, VA

When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 2006


What is your go to meal/snack?

Nutella with pretzels, bagels, heck who am I kidding just give me a spoon 🙂

What is your favorite TV show?

American Horror Story!!!

Can’t watch it alone though even with the lights on!

What is your worst habit?

Overthinking! I analyze everything!

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

My initial thought was to hitch a ride on an F-18, but it just wouldn’t work out. I’d end up getting sat on, because well I’m invisible and there’s not much wiggle room. I’d probably spy on my daughter at school for a bit. Being a teacher I’ve heard all the crazy stories my students have shared with me. Who knows what my kid dishes out when I’m not around.

Learn more about Brooke here


Meet Kristin Maggio

    1. What brought you to iNLeT Fitness?
      I had just moved across the country so I joined to meet some new friends and get motivated during the grey and cold season of late October. After just a few months I felt like it was a family that I had been missing my whole life.
    2. What is your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?
      I love to ride horses.
    3. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
      I would dance everywhere and not scare anyone. My kids get so embarrassed because I love to have fun everywhere.
    4. What is a sound that you love the most?  The ocean waves are my favorite sound but the sound makes me want to pee so I have to be careful.
    5. What is something you say a lot? 
      “Push it!!! Don’t give up!!”
    6. Tell us something we may not know about you?
      I was in a scrabble club for years. Total nerd but sooo much fun!
    7. What moment in your life made you feel “lucky”? Meeting my
    8. husband was total LUCK! He was leaving two weeks later for bootcamp and I was on a break from nursing school.
    9. What would the title of your Autobiography be?
      “Don’t look back and power forward.”
    10. What is something you never say “never” to?
      I don’t ever say never to a glass of wine or ice cream

Beginner’s Guide to Heart Rate Training

Much of the cardio equipment at iNLeT Fitness in Virginia Beach features heart monitoring capabilities for heart rate training. If you’ve decided to give heart rate training a try, here’s how you go about it.

Work by Feel for a While

Since there are so many factors influencing heart rate besides exertion and fitness, getting a feel for your own physical exertion will help give you a better sense of how accurate your heart rate readings are on any given day.

To find your heart rate zones (below), you’ll need to determine your maximum heart rate. Testing for a max heart rate is fairly rigorous exercise in itself.

To prepare for the test, you’ll want to build up a base level of cardio fitness with a month or two of 3-4 light workouts a week until you feel ready to push yourself harder.

Know Your Zones

Heart rate training involves adjusting the effort of your workouts based on your training goals and your heart rate zones. The heart rate zones are the following percentages of your heart rate reserve:

  • Zone 1 60-70%: warmup and cooldown
  • Zone 2 70-80%: you can hold a conversation in this zone
  • Zone 3 81-93%: you can only speak in short sentences or phrases
  • Zone 4 94-100%: hard effort at a sustainable pace, hard to say more than a few words

Establish a Training Program

Different training goals and methods demand different heart rate zones. Work with a personal trainer at our gym in Virginia Beach to help design a heart rate training program that suits your personal goals and needs.

Keep a Training Log

Keeping a training log can help you better understand your heart rate trends, track progress toward goals, and work out consistently.

List your daily workout goals, then record your actual heart rate data for your workout to see how you did. Be sure to note any factors besides your workout that could have affected your heart rate, such as temperature outside, altitude, dehydration, caffeine and other drugs, sleep, and stress.

If you need help establishing your heart rate training program, consult with a certified personal trainer at our Virginia Beach health club to understand how it works!

Learn More About Carolanne !

If you were going to be trapped on a deserted island for 7 days, what 3 things would you bring with you? Sunscreen, Champagne and a book.

What is your favorite season & why? Summer! Kids are home, long days and warm sun!

Tell us something we may not know about you? I can’t even think about touching cotton balls

What moment in your life made you feel “lucky”? Becoming a mom

What do you love MOST about teaching classes at iNLeT Fitness? All the people I get to see, they all motivate me to keep coming back. I love to see how people can push me and I can push them!

Check out one of Carolanne ‘s group fitness classes at iNLeT Fitness South in Virginia Beach!


The Ultimate Guide to Strong Arms

There’s a lot of complicated advice and contraptions out there that are supposed to make your arms buff. The truth of strong arms is much simpler, though. The equipment and trainers at our Virginia Beach gym are designed to give you the simple essentials of strengthening your upper limbs.

Let’s start by dispelling a common myth about strong arms: they do not necessarily mean bulging muscles!

Your guns and other showy muscles will definitely get bigger as your arms get stronger, but the exercises used to isolate and grow specific muscles aren’t the ones that will make your arms the strongest overall.

Strong arms demand exercises using three basic movements: pushing, pulling, and swinging. Each of these movements uses multiple muscle groups in tandem. When major muscle groups work together, arms can achieve their greatest potential for performing work. Let’s look at each of these in turn.

1. Pushing Exercises
Any exercise that pushes weight away from the body using the arms is going to use major muscle groups such as pectoral muscles, triceps, deltoids, abs, and possibly lats.

The best known exercises of this type are the bench press and pushup. Pushups exercise the core better than the bench press. If pushups are too difficult, check with a personal trainer to learn modifications that will allow you to build up to a full pushup.

To work your shoulders more, try military presses where you press free weights upward over your head. To work your lats and triceps more, try dips.

Other great pushing exercises that work muscles groups throughout the body are the get-up plank and the clean and press windmill. Personal training at our gym in Virginia Beach can show you how to do these more complex exercises correctly.

2. Pulling Exercises
Pulling exercises strengthen major muscles groups like biceps, deltoids, back, trapezius, and lats, and rowing is one of the simplest. Grab a dumbbell, kneel over a bench, and lift the dumbbell up toward your body to work your biceps and back.

Working your lats is trickier, as you need to pull weight down toward you. You’ll need a cable machine, found near the free weights at our health club in Virginia Beach, to do lat pulldowns.

3. Swinging Exercises

Swinging exercises fall in the hard-to-classify category, somewhere between pushing and pulling. Swinging tends to engage the core (abs, back, lats, and hip flexors) to stabilize your torso and hips, an added bonus to your workout.

One great push-like exercise is triceps swings. Lying on your back, hold dumbbells straight out past the top of your head, then swing them upward until your arms are straight up.

Another is kettlebell swings and variations thereof. Consult one of our trainers to make sure you achieve proper form. In addition to your arms, kettlebell swings will work your back, core, and legs for a total body workout!

That’s it – these are the basic movements that will make your arms buff! The rule of thumb is to be sure to incorporate at least one push, one pull, and one swing exercise into every arm routine for a well-rounded workout.

You can discover more arm-strengthening exercises at iNLeT Fitness by consulting with one of our certified personal trainers. You’ll learn proper form to avoid injury and overexertion, and the proper intensity and duration for your level of fitness and goals.

Start sculpting today!

Group Fitness Instructor – Kristen

Name: Kirsten Buchanan
Nicknames: never had one.
Birthday: June 4th……..that’s all that is important!
Where were you born? Keflavik, Iceland
When did you start at iNLeT: When the doors opened on day #1! 2006!

What is your favorite thing to do outside of the gym? Going to the beach and paddle boarding all day.

What is your favorite Restaurant? A small cliff side café on the Island of Mykonos where the views are surreal and the calamari is like no other.

If you were given the opportunity to work out with ONE person (dead or alive), who would it be? Bruce Lee

What is your biggest fear? That my children leave this universe before I do.

What would the title of your Autobiography be? “The Most Amazing Magic Carpet Ride”. (Look for it on stands soon)


Group Fitness Instructor Spotlight

Say “Hello” to this months instructor spotlight, Chris! Learn more about Chris below, and then check out our group fitness schedule online to attend one of his high-energy classes! Members of our gym in Virginia Beach love his Dance Bootcamp and Spin classes!

Instructor Name: Christopher Stover

Nickname: Milkshake

Birthday: April 8th

  1. What is your favorite indulgence? Vegan Ice cream 
  2.  What is the sound you love the most? The simultaneous beat of the class when they music is in transition.
  3.  If you were given the opportunity to work out with ONE person (dead or alive), who would it be? Nicki Minaj, with a booty workout!
  4. What is your biggest fear? Failing
  5. What is your go to meal/snack? Watermelon

Want to learn more about our group fitness instructor, Chris? Find the full interview online here.

Top 5 Benefits of Spinning

Did you know that spinning has some of the greatest health benefits of any activity at the gym? Here are a few great benefits you’ll experience when you join spinning classes at iNLet Fitness’ Virginia Beach gym.

1. Burn More Fat than Ever Before
Cycling at an even pace on the open road or on an exercise bike generally keeps your heart rate in the “fat burning zone.” This is an elevated heart rate that requires your body to burn fat for energy. But spinning is not cycling.

Amazingly, spinning allows you to burn more fat in less time. This is because spinning utilizes a training method called high intensity interval training (HIIT).

HIIT involves periods of intense bursts of activity taking your heart rate up near its max level, alternated with slower “rest” periods where you take your heart rate level back down.

This means you burn lots of fat not only during your workout, but as you’ll learn in the next section, it will help you keep losing weight long after you get off the bike.

2. Burn Fat While Resting
Burning fat actually requires burning carbohydrates. Blood sugar and glucose stored in muscles serve as kindling for the chemical process that eventually turns fat into energy.

But when the immediate demands for energy become too great, your body shifts from burning fat to tapping glucose stored in muscles as its main source of energy.

The tremendous benefit of burning glucose is that your body must maintain an elevated heart rate and burn fat for hours after your workout in order to replenish the glucose stores in your muscles.

The result is burning fat for hours after working out, even if you’re just watching TV or sitting at a desk!

3. Quicker Fitness Gains
Endurance athletes like long distance runners and cyclists now devote much of their time to HIIT. The demands of HIIT forces the cardiovascular system to adapt faster to fitness needs.

For you, that means getting into better shape with less time spent in the gym!

4. Sustainable Fitness
Many high intensity activities, like basketball, soccer, plyometrics, and more have a detrimental impact on the body. Injuries to joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles are common. Time spent benched by injuries means loss of fitness.

Cycling in a spinning class involves smooth motions with little opportunity for injury. Minor adjustments to riding position usually resolve any irritation from repetitive motions. This means you can keep working out indefinitely without worrying about interruptions due to injury.

5. You Get to Eat Dessert
One of the best benefits of spinning class is it justifies eating dessert!

Remember, HIIT involves burning glucose in your muscles. In order to restore energy for your next workout, those glucose stores must be replenished. Immediately following a HIIT workout is one of the rare times that your diet truly demands that you eat sweets to reach peak fitness.

What a great way to associate working out at spinning classes with rich rewards!

Make the most of your time in the gym. Get all of these benefits and more by joining spinning classes at our gym in Virginia Beach. Stop in today and give it a try!

5 Ways to Burn More Fat

Have a goal to burn more fat? Then put on your shoes, grab a towel, get yourself in gear, and head over to iNLeT Fitness South! Our gym in Virginia Beach is designed for those who are serious about their health and wellness, and we offer classes, services, and amenities that will help you burn fat, shed calories, and take your fitness to the next level.

1-Make Sure Your Engine has the Right Fuel

Before embarking on any weight loss/fat burning program, take a look at the food you’re putting into your body. Food is fuel, and protein-filled meals and snacks help keep your body powered-up for fat-burning potential.

By snacking on the proper food every few hours, your blood sugar and insulin levels are stabilized and you won’t feel so hungry. And snacks – both before and after your workout at our Virginia Beach gym – will ensure your body has the firepower to drive through any routine.

iNLeT Fitness South offers nutritional counseling  services, ready to help members determine the carbs/protein/fat ratio of their current lifestyle – and suggest opportunities for improvement.

Step one to burning fat? The right food.

2- Forge Ahead with a Fitness “Roadmap”

Ok, now that you recognize the importance of your fuel, consider seeking the guidance of a personal training. Think of personal training as your roadmap to success; you’ll discover the exercises you’ll enjoy most – as well as the intensity and duration needed to succeed. Your personal trainer is your very own coach and cheerleader, here to help you create achievable goals – and hold you accountable as you work hard to reach them.

Step number two for burning fat? Setting achievable goals.

3- Kick it Up a Notch with Group Fitness

Group fitness classes at our Virginia Beach health club are dynamic, fun, motivating, and convenient. You’ll make friends and have the support of others who are working just as hard as you to achieve health and wellness goals. You’ll find everything from high-intensity Zumba, spinning, and HIIT – to the more mellow workouts of yoga, Pilates, and Barre. Anything that gets you moving – and your heart pumping – helps melt the inches.

If you’d prefer to workout on your own, single station cardio, strength, and circuit training equipment is available, too.
Step three for burning more fat? Encouragement and guidance.

4- Try Tabata

Tabata is a type of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that pushes you to your max – and beyond. Twenty second bursts of high intensity exercise are followed by ten seconds of rest – and this is repeated eight times – for a total extreme workout in just four minutes. Hard work? Yes. The benefits of Tabata? Fat-burning for hours after you’ve done your last rep.

Step four? Working hard and pushing your limits.

5-Balance it Out at BOSU Bootcamp

Try something new. A BOSU Balance Trainer (BOSU for short) is a ball that is flat on one side, rounded on the other. BOSU stands for Both Sides Up, and working out with the flat side down (push-ups or burpees) means stability. Exercising with the ball side up (lunges, jumps, and squats, to name a few) is a bit more challenging.

With a workout that improves balance, endurance, core strength, and flexibility, BOSU Bootcamp challenges you to use muscles you forgot you had.

Step number five? Mix up your routine.

Burning fat is a process. It begins with an assessment of where you are – and where you want to be. Change your lifestyle by eliminating processed foods, eating high protein meals and snacks, and lots of leafy greens – and don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Find an exercise you like – and will commit to – and surround yourself with those who will encourage and support you. Add new and exciting exercise to your routine occasionally, to keep yourself from growing bored with your workout.

You can do this.