December Instructor Spotlight: Sarah Anne Collins

Name: Sarah Anne Collins Birthday: May 27 Where were you born? Prince William County in Northern Virginia When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 2018     What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? Scotia and her amazing trusted team of women. I owe them my sanity! 🙂   What do you love MOST about teaching classes at iNLeT Fitness? […]

A Few Reasons to Try Yoga

Why Yoga? Because you are going to feel better. Period. No, you don’t have to be flexible to start, but you will gain flexibility. No, you don’t have to be able become a human pretzel, that’s overrated. However, in time, you will stand a little straighter, feel taller and be more conscious of your posture. […]

TRIBE Life Success Story – Natalie

We love hearing TRIBE Team Training success stories! Natalie has been a member at iNLeT Fitness since June and just completed her 1st season of TRIBE Life at South – hear what she has to say. “What an AMAZING TRIBE Life training experience! First of all, a big THANK YOU to our Coach Traci for […]

November Instructor Spotlight: Heather Menchinger

Name: Heather Menchinger Birthday: August 15 Where were you born? Rochester, NY When did you start teaching at iNLeT? Summer 2018     What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? I was new to Virginia Beach and I asked my neighbors (members Michelle Clough and Mimo Kattan) where to join a gym and they both raved about iNLeT. With two […]

Maintaining your Waistline & Sanity this Holiday Season by Jamie Dockiewicz

It’s the end of October, and Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are right around the corner.  Now is the time to create a personal action plan for stress management and wellness.  Here are some helpful tips to ensure your sanity as well as your waist line. 1)  Get adequate sleep. Have you ever noticed how you […]

October Instructor Spotlight: Katie Kramer

Name: Katie Kramer Birthday: February 19 Where were you born? Huntington WV When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 2009     What motivates you in the gym? How my mind and body feel after a great work out. Strong and clean!   What is one of your favorite iNLeT memories? My first Yoga Teacher Training graduation.   If […]

September Instructor Spotlight: Alexa Kinzel

Name: Alexa Kinzel Nickname:Lex Birthday: October 6 Where were you born? Virginia Beach When did you start teaching at iNLeT? June 2019   What do you love MOST about teaching classes at iNLeT Fitness? Getting to partake in helping members reach their goals and grow in their fitness journeys.   What motivates you in the gym? My future […]

Finding your Fitness by Lacy Knopik

I have always been a relatively active person. But I never really felt healthy. My weight fluctuated like a rollercoaster and I had tried pretty much every diet and weight loss pill you could think of. It was while we were stationed in Hawaii (which was amazing by the way) that I finally got ahold […]

August Instructor Spotlight: Lacy Knopik

Name: Lacy Knopik Nickname:Lace Birthday: September 17 Where were you born? Grand Island, Nebraska When did you start teaching at iNLeT? July 13!   What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? The military moved us to Virginia Beach, and after visiting a couple other gyms, I found iNLeT and just felt at home. I loved the staff and fellow […]

Pilates Reformer Leg Circles At iNLeT Fitness South

Have you tried the Pilates Reformers at iNLeT Fitness South with one of our personal trainers? Reformers are Pilates equipment that adds assistance and/or resistance to a common mat-based Pilates workout. It helps work on core strength, stability, mobility, and symmetry. It uses a spring system to add weight to the exercises performed. The more […]