Tribe Team Training

What Members are Saying about TRIBE Team Training TRIBE Team Training at iNLeT Fitness South is about to wrap up its first season! Our members participating in the small group training love these sessions for a number of reasons, and here’s what a few have to say about this new small group training program. Writes […]

Rod Tanedo

As an iNLeT South member since 2008, Rod could always be found enjoying a group fitness class or doing his own lifting. In May 2015, Rick approached him about becoming an instructor at our gym in Virginia Beach, and his passion has grown from there! Rod is now our go-to agility guy and a newly […]

Combat Wounded Coalition Benefit

Join iNLeT Fitness South for our 7th annual benefit for the Combat Wounded Coalition! Join us Saturday, May 19th, 2018 for a variety of group fitness classes, food, music, and more! All classes are $10, sign ups begin May 1st! Event is open to the public – invite your friends to join you for this […]

Spring into Summer with MyZone

Summer is almost here, get a jumpstart on your summer body with iNLeT Fitness’s annual MyZone challenge! Sign ups start April 9th, and the challenge will begin April 16th! Share your progress using #IFSPRINGIN2SUMMER18 with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Group Fitness Spotlight: Maryann

Maryann started off as a member of iNLeT Fitness South just two months after our Virginia Beach gym opened for business in 2007. Her workouts included lifting on her own and group fitness classes, where she discovered her passion for Zumba. In 2010, Maryann earned her certification; she then joined forces with a longtime friend, […]

Brooke | Group Fitness Class Instructor

Name: Brooke Sheetz Harrison Nicknames: Brooklyn, Brookie, Brooka, Beast, Mean Mama (courtesy of my daughter) Birthday: May 9th Where were you born?:  Norfolk, VA When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 2006   What is your go to meal/snack? Nutella with pretzels, bagels, heck who am I kidding just give me a spoon 🙂 What […]

Meet Kristin Maggio

What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? I had just moved across the country so I joined to meet some new friends and get motivated during the grey and cold season of late October. After just a few months I felt like it was a family that I had been missing my whole life. What is your favorite thing […]

Beginner’s Guide to Heart Rate Training

Much of the cardio equipment at iNLeT Fitness in Virginia Beach features heart monitoring capabilities for heart rate training. If you’ve decided to give heart rate training a try, here’s how you go about it. Work by Feel for a While Since there are so many factors influencing heart rate besides exertion and fitness, getting […]

Learn More About Carolanne !

If you were going to be trapped on a deserted island for 7 days, what 3 things would you bring with you? Sunscreen, Champagne and a book. What is your favorite season & why? Summer! Kids are home, long days and warm sun! Tell us something we may not know about you? I can’t even think about touching cotton […]

The Ultimate Guide to Strong Arms

There’s a lot of complicated advice and contraptions out there that are supposed to make your arms buff. The truth of strong arms is much simpler, though. The equipment and trainers at our Virginia Beach gym are designed to give you the simple essentials of strengthening your upper limbs. Let’s start by dispelling a common […]