Outdoor Cross Training at iNLeT Fitness in Virginia Beach

For a fun and intense workout that will get you into the best shape of your life, try the signature outdoor cross training (OXT) classes at iNLeT Fitness South, the best gym in Virginia Beach!

Using all kinds of equipment from tires to ropes, our rigorous courses will have you doing the strength and cardio training of champions. We like to think of this as not just a mere workout, but rather as a total body blaster.


With our outdoor OXT classes, you’ll be outside in the fresh air and feeling the energy of others in your group. Your instructor will take you through the paces with this training that combines strength and cardio into a fat-blasting, muscle-strengthening, heart-pumping workout!

Outdoor OXT is perfect for getting into great shape fast, pushing yourself to the next level if you’re already in great shape, or training for athletic performance and events that require great all-round fitness. You might even have fun as you soar past your goals and realize just how much energy, strength, and stamina you have!

step ladder outdoor oxt training class
man using outdoor functional training ropes at inlet fitness
outdoor gym bench pressing on gym equipment during oxto fitness training

Learn more about OXT at our Virginia Beach gym. Check out our online schedule of classes for available sessions, or stop by today! There’s a free 3-day pass waiting for you!