Group Fitness Spotlight: Maryann

Group Fitness Spotlight: Maryann

Maryann started off as a member of iNLeT Fitness South just two months after our Virginia Beach gym opened for business in 2007. Her workouts included lifting on her own and group fitness classes, where she discovered her passion for Zumba. In 2010, Maryann earned her certification; she then joined forces with a longtime friend, Carmen, to team teach Zumba classes at our gym. Members knew they were coming in for an energetic party and a GREAT workout!

Over the years, Maryann has adjusted her personal workouts to include heavier weight training, which compliments her ability to lead a dynamic Zumba class. The benefits to her physique speak for themselves!

The strength training class at our gym in Virginia Beach, CHISEL, was added to her roster at iNLeT Fitness South and members LOVE her class. It is so great to see her empowering women to be strong! Muscles are BEAUTIFUL and lifting weights is FUN.

And don’t forget about her POWER FIGHT class! This non-impact cardio class allows you to enjoy all the benefits of boxing-inspired workouts with NO gloves.

Nicknames: Mestiza

Birthday: September 14

Where were you born?: Philippines

When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 2010

Who is your go to person for life advice? My husband

What is a scene from a TV show/movie that you will never forget? “Hellooooo, Clarice”  – Silence of the Lambs

 What is something you say a lot? You ROCK!

What is your favorite Restaurant? Peter Chang

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