Why Personal Training?

Why Personal Training?

Whether you are new to fitness, or an elite athlete, a personal trainer is a knowledgeable and inexpensive resource. Every client has a special set of goals, limitations, experience and motivation. It is the trainer’s job to help you reach your goals in the shortest possible time with the smallest risk of injury while being mindful of your injuries and limitations.

It is not just enough to enter a gym and throw some weights around or talk on the phone while on the treadmill. Having a plan that is specific for your needs and goals is a big key to success. For the novice, a personal trainer can introduce you to the equipment and ensure that you are using it properly. We want to guarantee that your form is correct and functional. A personal trainer can put together a training plan and show you specifically which days to do what exercises and which days to rest. For a client that is experienced, a trainer will push you out of your comfort zone with new exercises, combinations of exercises and continue to help you improve your quality of movement. And then, help you set new goals!

At iNLeT Fitness South we have several options for personal training. Our introductory 3 for $99 starter package includes 3 private one hour training sessions with a personal trainer. In addition, we offer small group training, Tribe Team Training, semi-private and private personal training. Short on time? Try our 30 minute target training!

The iNLeT Fitness South personal training staff is here for you! Email Traci Heneghan, Director of Personal Training, at Traci@inletfitness.com or call (757)689-2446 today to get started!

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