September Instructor Spotlight: AJ Jones

September Instructor Spotlight: AJ Jones

Name: Alicia J. Jones
Nicknames: :AJ
Birthday: December 6
Where were you born? Southern California
When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 2008

I wanted to start teaching spinning again since I moved back East, but I was terrified to leave my son in a childcare facility until I met Scotia and her incredible staff.

What is your favorite season & why?
Fall because I love cool crisp evenings, football and everything pumpkin!


What material object in your life do you feel you cannot function without?
No doubt my SUV! Between work and motherhood I practically live in it!


What is something you never say “never” to?


What would your significant other say if we asked them your worst habit?
No clue… he’s too smart to tell me I have any bad habits!