Top 5 Benefits of Spinning

Top 5 Benefits of Spinning

Did you know that spinning has some of the greatest health benefits of any activity at the gym? Here are a few great benefits you’ll experience when you join spinning classes at iNLet Fitness’ Virginia Beach gym.

1. Burn More Fat than Ever Before
Cycling at an even pace on the open road or on an exercise bike generally keeps your heart rate in the “fat burning zone.” This is an elevated heart rate that requires your body to burn fat for energy. But spinning is not cycling.

Amazingly, spinning allows you to burn more fat in less time. This is because spinning utilizes a training method called high intensity interval training (HIIT).

HIIT involves periods of intense bursts of activity taking your heart rate up near its max level, alternated with slower “rest” periods where you take your heart rate level back down.

This means you burn lots of fat not only during your workout, but as you’ll learn in the next section, it will help you keep losing weight long after you get off the bike.

2. Burn Fat While Resting
Burning fat actually requires burning carbohydrates. Blood sugar and glucose stored in muscles serve as kindling for the chemical process that eventually turns fat into energy.

But when the immediate demands for energy become too great, your body shifts from burning fat to tapping glucose stored in muscles as its main source of energy.

The tremendous benefit of burning glucose is that your body must maintain an elevated heart rate and burn fat for hours after your workout in order to replenish the glucose stores in your muscles.

The result is burning fat for hours after working out, even if you’re just watching TV or sitting at a desk!

3. Quicker Fitness Gains
Endurance athletes like long distance runners and cyclists now devote much of their time to HIIT. The demands of HIIT forces the cardiovascular system to adapt faster to fitness needs.

For you, that means getting into better shape with less time spent in the gym!

4. Sustainable Fitness
Many high intensity activities, like basketball, soccer, plyometrics, and more have a detrimental impact on the body. Injuries to joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles are common. Time spent benched by injuries means loss of fitness.

Cycling in a spinning class involves smooth motions with little opportunity for injury. Minor adjustments to riding position usually resolve any irritation from repetitive motions. This means you can keep working out indefinitely without worrying about interruptions due to injury.

5. You Get to Eat Dessert
One of the best benefits of spinning class is it justifies eating dessert!

Remember, HIIT involves burning glucose in your muscles. In order to restore energy for your next workout, those glucose stores must be replenished. Immediately following a HIIT workout is one of the rare times that your diet truly demands that you eat sweets to reach peak fitness.

What a great way to associate working out at spinning classes with rich rewards!

Make the most of your time in the gym. Get all of these benefits and more by joining spinning classes at our gym in Virginia Beach. Stop in today and give it a try!