Everyone can benefit from having a knowledgeable and experienced coach when it comes to fitness. Certified trainers at our Virginia Beach gym are available to help you achieve your fitness goals.

No matter your level of fitness, you can benefit from talking with our trainers. Your trainer will assist you with designing a fitness program that is effective and suited to your individual needs.

Our trainers are your best friend when it comes to achieving strength and endurance gains, weight loss, or great overall health!


Beyond designing programs, our trainers are there at your side as you work out. They ensure safe and proper use of equipment, help track your progress and keep you accountable, and motivate and help you work through roadblocks.


Training options include personal training, functional training, and small group training. Learn about all of our training options by calling iNLeT Fitness South at (757) 689-2446 or email Jamie Dockiewicz at Jamie.dockiewicz@gmail.com.