Personal Training at Virginia Beach Gym

Do you thrive on one-on-one instruction? Certified trainers at our Virginia Beach gym are available to provide individual support and guidance for your fitness pursuits.


Your certified personal trainer will start by sitting down to learn about your fitness goals and needs. They will help you identify achievable goals, and based on your individual strengths, and weaknesses, will help you design a program that includes he most effective fitness and weight loss methods available. They’ll also help you find activities in the gym that you’ll enjoy and commit to.

If you prefer solo workouts, you’ll find plenty of single station cardio, strength, and functional training equipment for your use. Need the energy of others to keep you motivated? A personal trainer will point you in the direction of our group fitness classes, which we offer in both low impact and high intensity options.

Personal training delivers tons of benefit during your limited gym time. Your trainer can work with you to answer questions, adjust your technique, push you, adapt your plan as needed, and keep you on track!

Not just for those new to the gym, personal training can also help those who need to challenge themselves even further to overcome plateaus or jumpstart their routines.

For more information or questions, call iNLeT Fitness South at (757) 689-2446 or email our Director of Personal Training and Tribe Team Training Head Coach, Matt Timms, at