TRIBE Life Success Story – Natalie

TRIBE Life Success Story – Natalie

We love hearing TRIBE Team Training success stories! Natalie has been a member at iNLeT Fitness since June and just completed her 1st season of TRIBE Life at South – hear what she has to say.

“What an AMAZING TRIBE Life training experience! First of all, a big THANK YOU to our Coach Traci for being such a wonderful Motivator! She is AWESOME!

It was my first time to join and I got hooked on TRIBE Life after my first session! Being the newest member of the group, I felt the pressure! I didn’t know what to expect, but I actually had fun, gained more strength, improved my endurance and met new friends!

When I first started, I had shoulder mobility restrictions and my functional movement was very limited.  I could barely do push-ups, VIPR and dumbbell exercises.  Believe me, when I say, my shoulder strength is better than ever!  Even though class members are at different levels of strength and fitness, we are all doing the same workout and PUSHING through together. It builds bond of friendship and accountability like no other workout. I’m still not where I want to be physically but the changes in my body and strength are amazing. Every sessions are different and competitive. I felt like I get my butt kicked but want more.

All I can say is, TRIBE Team Training is well worth the investment! It’s another way to AMPLIFY RESULTS! See you next season!

Thank you iNLeT! Thank you Traci!”  Natalie

Great Job Natalie – your iNLeT Family is proud of your accomplishments! The final season of 2019 starts November 11th. Traci is offering TRIBE Life on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 4:30pm and 5:45pm. Call and reserve your spot today!