What Are You Waiting For? Try TRIBE Team Training Today!

What Are You Waiting For? Try TRIBE Team Training Today!

Have you tried TRIBE Team Training offered by iNLeT Fitness South?

What are you waiting for? Results start when you do!

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Here’s what a few of iNLeT’s members have to say about their TRIBE Team Training experience:

Katie’s favorite part of TRIBE FIT:

“The group of women I am working out with…we are all within the same age range and all have basically the same goals…to be strong, fit women! Additionally, the movements we all have been doing have been extremely instrumental in altering the look of my body. After baby three I struggled getting the weight off, getting motivated to change my workouts and diet, and with this group, Jeff and the actual workouts I have transformed my mentality on working out and altering my diet. I have been really happy with the results and these six weeks have pushed me to my limits in doing moves and weights I wouldn’t do in a typical class or on my own. The intensity of the workouts bring me back to my preseason in college… some even a little harder!”

Mindi has this to say about TRIBE LIFE:

“Tribe has definitely improved my strength and endurance. I have lost some weight and inches and for the first time in about five years I actually like the way I look! My shoulder, arms and legs seem more tone than before I began Tribe training. I am truly amazed at what the training has done for my fitness, because I have been working out my whole life and Tribe has changed my fitness in such a short time it amazes me”

How does Billy describe his TRIBE PUNCH experience?

As an old guy 60+1, this has been a game changer. The pace is challenging and incredibly rewarding. He’s seen marked improvement in his overall fitness and an increase in his energy levels.