Group Exercise at Virginia Beach Gym

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Group classes are one of the most effective ways to ensure you are moving toward your fitness goals. iNLeT Fitness’s full schedule and large variety of group fitness classes is part of what makes us the best gym in Virginia Beach.

virginia beach gym studio group boxing classesGroup fitness classes provide workouts that are structured but flexible and are easily adapted to each individual’s level of fitness. The group dynamic provides motivation, accountability, community, and expert guidance.

Members are drawn to group classes for all kinds of workouts, such as strength training, circuit training, functional training, cardio training, high intensity interval training, injury prevention, weight loss, and more.

people working out on the floor during a group fitness class
spin class in a modern gym
fitness members training with weights in group fitness classes

Due to popular demand, we even have dedicated studios for spinning and group fitness classes. Some of our most popular classes also include the Outdoor Cross Training (OXT) total body blaster and Bootcamp.

For a lower intensity exercise experience, we also offer mind/body classes, like yoga and Barre, that are just as effective for muscle toning and overall fitness.

Our group fitness class schedule features over 60 classes per week. No matter your fitness level, goals, or activity interests, we have something for everyone.

Call iNLeT Fitness at 757-412-0600 — or email Paula Curtin at [email protected] — to find out more about group fitness at our Virginia Beach gym.