Relax & Restore with Yoga Group Classes at iNLeT Fitness

Yoga classes at our Virginia Beach gym are the perfect complement to almost any fitness program, and actually make a great workout in themselves.

gym member doing a yoga pose

Our certified yoga instructors will gently lead you through poses that stretch, strengthen, and tone both the mind and body. Great for any age or fitness level, including seniors or those who experience chronic pain, yoga will take your workout to another level of whole body wellness.


The yoga classes we offer at our gym in Virginia Beach range from mild and meditative to workouts that challenge core strength, flexibility, and balance of body and mind. Classes include Yoga Basics, Mulit-Level, Yin for creating space in the mind and body, and Vinyasa.

Check out our class schedules and descriptions — and contact yoga director Katie Kramer Escobar today at [email protected]  to find the class that works for you!

two gym members in a yoga class stretching