November Instructor Spotlight: Maggie Lefante

November Instructor Spotlight: Maggie Lefante

Name: Maggie LeFante
Nickname: Maggie
Birthday: June 24
Where were you born? Portsmouth VA
When did you start teaching at iNLeT? July 2019



What motivates you in the gym?
Seeing other people working hard, I’m pretty competitive. Great music is also a huge motivator.


What is one of your favorite iNLeT memories?
My first class teaching Yoga on the deck! I had no idea it would be so peaceful. There was a moment mid-class where everyone was moving together that felt like we were all in sync with the water; I’ll never forget it. It was really special.


What would someone tell you is your best quality?


What is your favorite indulgence?
Ice cream


What would your significant other say your worst habit is?
I can be messy.