Tribe Team Training at iNLeT Fitness

Tribe Team Training at iNLeT Fitness

Season 1 begins on Monday, January 20!

iNLeT Fitness has offered Tribe Team Training for 2 years now! Our members love seeing the results they achieve from the various Tribe programs offered such as TribeFIT, TribeLIFE and TribeCORE.

TribeCORE brings toning, strength, stability, and power to your core. TribeCORE is designed to train the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back, shoulders and abdomen, starting from the deep torso muscles, leaving you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs. Whether you are looking to better your golf swing, improve your athletic performance, or look amazing in your bathing suit –TribeCORE is the program for you.

This week starts our FREE Tribe Trial week at both iNLeT Fitness locations!

You can sign up to try our newest program, TribeCore, or check out some of the other amazing programs we offer. Click here to see the Tribe Team Training schedule. If you have questions about Tribe Team Training, please contact head coach Jaq at [email protected].

Ready to sign up for a free trial? Call (757) 412-0600 or stop by the front desk to make your reservation today!