Vacation Motivation 

Vacation Motivation 

By: Phil Curtin



Now that we’re at the height of vacation season, let’s talk about how to make those beers taste colder or the chardonnay sweeter! While working out on your much-needed time off isn’t and shouldn’t be your top priority, it can make you feel a lot better during your week of debauchery. It can also keep you from having to shed the vacation fun when you return! One of the easiest and most convenient pieces of equipment you can take along is an exercise band (Target and Walmart carry them). A 12-15 minute workout or a 20 minute run before you lay on the beach should do the trick! So, before you head out of town, ask us about our vacation workouts. We can give you a copy to take with you or you can use the workout below. We all eat and drink a little more freely on vacation but a couple of workouts should wipe away any guilt and keep you feeling energized!



Do all exercises for 30-60 seconds.


Push Ups

Air Squats

Reverse Band Pulls

Overhead Band Presses

Band Curls

2 minute run or 5 stairs



Elbow in Push Ups

Towel Pulls

Standing Band Side Raises

Walking Lunges

Tricep Band Kickbacks

Every Other Step (stairs)


Burpees (Push up at the bottom, hop at the top)

Step Back Lunges

One Arm Band Rows

Front Band Raises