Are Hormones Really to Blame?

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Are hormones really to blame for your lack of weight loss? Maybe, but probably not. Here’s why.

In some instances, of course, hormones being out of whack can contribute to it. However, studies show that 95% of the people that use this excuse have never even had blood work done to test and see where their hormone levels are! More likely than not the reason you are having issues with losing weight will come from 1 (or more) of the reasons below:⁣

  1. Not tracking all your calories accurately! The vast majority of people under report what they are consuming. Think about that bite you ate off your child’s plate, the spoonful of sauce you tasted while you were cooking, the creamer in your coffee, a little butter or oil here and there…
  2. Lack of physical exercise. With the sedentary lifestyle many people live with office jobs and sitting in front of Netflix when they get home, activity level has severely decreased across the board for Americans (and around the world). Add COVID to the mix and it’s even worse!
  3. Yo-yo dieting. Years of trying different diets and then rebounding and overeating doesn’t do your metabolism any favors. Perhaps the answer is a Reverse Diet for a substantial amount of time to fire things back up?
  4. Inconsistency and a lack of PATIENCE. This is probably the majority of people and frankly, it’s also the hardest! We all want results fast!

We all want to think something else is preventing us from achieving our goal because it’s easy to deflect responsibility for our actions. There always has to be a “reason”. As humans we don’t want to take an introspective look at our daily habits and destructive behaviors and see what we are doing wrong. But we all have to change this mindset in order to achieve our goals. Can hormones actually be to blame in your case? Yes, quite possibly, but until you know there is an issue by getting them actually tested, stop using that excuse and really examine if you are guilty of any of the four potential causes listed above. If you are, don’t get mad!

Let’s address the issue and let’s make a plan to work together to create sustainable habits and success. I offer nutrition coaching here at iNLeT Fitness and am eager to help you look and feel your best. Don’t forget that iNLeT Fitness has a variety of group fitness, spin and yoga classes that are free with your membership to change up your usual routine!

If you are looking for more accountability or personal routines, iNLeT Fitness offers private, semi-private and group personal training too.

I look forward to helping you!

-Coach Jacelyn
[email protected]

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