3 New Ways to Work Your Glutes

3 New Ways to Work Your Glutes

Ready to get your glutes back in shape? iNLeT Fitness in Virginia Beach has just the equipment you need to restore your glutes to their former glory.

Your glutes are by far the largest and strongest muscle group in your body. Strengthening them will fire up your metabolic fat burning engine to cut fat. You’ll feel more confident, too, when your legs/glutes/back are boosted for maximum performance.

Since most people do so much sitting, though, glutes are also some of the most neglected.

Here are the three most important exercises you can do to firm up your glutes. All of them can be performed with free weights and functional training equipment found at our Virginia Beach gym.

1. Lunges

The family of exercises you’ll probably feel the most are lunges. The most basic lunge exercise is the walking dumbbells lunge. Allowing your arms to dangle while holding dumbbells, step one leg forward and kneel to the ground with the other knee. You can either then push back up to your original position, or you can walk forward with each lunge.

Other versions of this exercise include holding a dumbbell only in one hand to add a balancing factor to the movement, and the goblet reverse lunge in which you lunge backward.

Squat variations are also closely related to lunges and are great for glutes. Step-ups are like vertical lunges, and step-up equipment can be found in the functional training area of our health club in Virginia Beach. Both of these exercises teach your glutes to work with other major leg muscles.

2. Hip Thrusts

One of the most important functions of your glutes is to provide support for your back and legs and help you stand up straight. Many of us spend the day sitting, and so our glutes rarely get the chance for exercise properly. Hip thrusts are a simple exercise to restore strength and tone.

The simplest version of this exercise is to lay on your back with your knees pulled up and your feet flat on the floor. Simply raise your hips and back off the floor until your upper body is vertical to your legs. You should be able to feel your glutes contracting.

3. Swings

Swings are like hip thrusts performed while swinging free weights between your legs in a squatting position. Proper form is tricky, so make sure you consult a trainer to make sure you get the most out of this exercise.

Swings can be performed with dumbbells, but it’s easier to use kettlebells for better grip. You’ll find kettlebells in the functional training area of our gym in Virginia Beach.

Swings are a fantastic way to get your metabolism going as they use virtually every muscle in your body all at once to maintain balance throughout a complex motion. Make these a mainstay of your weight loss routine!

Give your glutes the best conditioning of your life! The equipment for these exercises is readily available in the free weight and functional training sections of iNLeT Fitness, and personal trainers are available to make sure you are achieving each exercise safely and effectively.

Get tightening and toning today!