One Team, One Tribe at Virginia Beach Gym

One Team, One Tribe at Virginia Beach Gym



All genuine learning comes from experience.” – John Dewey


After coaching and being a part of Tribe Team Training for over a year, I’ve noticed a few misconceptions.  People often wonder why they should pay extra for something when they can take a class for free.   We charge for TRIBE Team Training® because they are 12-18 sessions that are linked together with progressions and assessments, so we can evaluate you working towards your own personal goal.  Not to mention, your coach will be right next to you along the way!


At our location, we offer 3 different formats; TribeFIT2, TribeFIT3 and TribeLIFE.  In general, the TribeFIT programs are high intensity with high impact.  Conversely, TribeLIFE is low impact, BUT just as challenging! People that are in really good shape can be reluctant to sign up for TribeLIFE because they think “it’s easy.” Tribe Team Training offers a variety of small group training programs (up to 10 people), that meet 2 or 3 days a week for 6 weeks.


We asked Katie LeGrande and Laura Smith, two members who normally do OXT (high intensity 1hr group fitness class) at Inlet Fitness in Virginia Beach, to try a season of TribeLIFE. On average, they were taking 2-3 classes a week and working out about 5 days a week (included running).  They reluctantly accepted my challenge.  Katie said, “Well, I just want to make sure I’m not wasting my time.  I need to get a good workout.” I reassured her that she wouldn’t be disappointed.


Fast forward 6 weeks and Season 2 of TribeLIFE under their belts; they signed up for Season 3! We had asked them not to change their diet and took their body fat measurements on Day 1 of Season 2 and then again on Week 6.  Laura lost 4% body fat and Katie lost 3.6% body fat.  I asked them a few questions at the end of the Season to get their impressions of Tribe Team Training compared to large group fitness classes.


What’s the difference between TribeLIFE small group training and a large group fitness class?
Laura: I was really shocked at how challenging TribeLIFE was. I didn’t think a program without running and jumping could be so hard.  When I take group fitness classes it’s usually the same format with similar exercises. The classes are big and the instructor can’t really focus on correcting form and technique for each person throughout the whole class.  With TribeLIFE, our coach Lauren really focused on correcting our form from the beginning and she did it without judgment. Sometimes in a group fitness class it can be intimidating for the instructor to correct you in front of a bunch of other people.  I really liked how each session was something different.  I never knew what to expect and I loved it.

Katie: I really liked how the other team members made a difference.  I was challenged to push myself harder to keep up with a few of the others.  I agree with Laura and felt like this program focused a lot on being safe and having the right form.

What is something new you’re taking away from this experience?

Laura: Before I took TribeLIFE I actually had an MRI on my foot.  I was having pain in my feet and my back. I felt old.  Now I don’t have any pain and feel like I’m in great shape.

Katie: I had the same problem.  My feet and knees were hurting me.  I haven’t had any pain since doing this program.



Interested in signing up for Tribe Team Training at Inlet Fitness? Season 4 starts June 17th! We have our free Trial week open to members & non-members beginning June 10th! Bring your friends and come check it out! You are your best investment! See the link below for our full schedule. Sign-ups are required. You can call the front desk or contact me directly!