Back to School = Back to the GYM!

Back to School = Back to the GYM!


Restarting Your Gym Routine


This can be a great time to (re)start incorporating an exercise routine into your daily life! Exercise has many benefits, including improving mental health, helping you stay focused, and reducing stress levels. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of exercise and tips on how to stick to a routine even when things get busy!

Exercise can improve your mental health

One of the most important benefits of exercise is that it can help improve your mental health. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and can even increase levels of serotonin and endorphins (the “happy” chemicals in your brain). Exercise is also a great way to release stress, which can be especially helpful during busy times like back-to-school season.

If you’re looking to improve your mental health, regular exercise is a great place to start. And, even if you don’t feel like working out, just getting outside for a walk or bike ride can do wonders for your mood.

Stay more focused throughout the day

In addition to improving your mental health, exercise can also help you stay focused and alert throughout the day. Whether you work 9-5, or are a student needing to stay sharp in class, studies have shown that regular exercise can improve cognitive function and memory. So if you’re looking to boost your brainpower, make sure to add some physical activity to your daily routine.

Reduce stress levels

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, exercise can be a great way to reduce stress levels. It can help clear your mind, improve your mood, and give you some time to focus on yourself. And, as we mentioned before, regular exercise can also help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body in response to stress. It can have negative effects on the body if it is produced at high levels, including weight gain, digestive problems, and anxiety. Luckily, regular exercise can help regulate cortisol levels and reduce the amount of stress you’re feeling.

Have more energy to participate in after-school activities

If you have kids, you know that after-school activities can be a huge time commitment. If you don’t have the energy to keep up, regular exercise can help by improving your cardiovascular health and overall fitness levels.

Keep your weight under control

If you are looking to lose or maintain your weight, exercise will help burn calories and improve your metabolism.

Shedding a few extra pounds can help you feel better both physically and mentally. And, as an added bonus, you’ll have more energy to participate in activities you enjoy.

Make new friends and meet people with similar interests

One of the best parts about joining a new gym or exercise class is that you can meet new people with similar interests. If you’re feeling shy, start by looking for classes or groups that focus on activities you already enjoy. That way, you’ll be more likely to stick with it and make some new friends in the process.

If you’re a parent, you can also get involved in your child’s sports teams or activities. This is a great way to meet other parents and be active at the same time.

How to find the time to fit in a workout routine, even with a busy schedule

Now that we’ve gone over some of the benefits of exercise, you might be wondering how to fit it into your busy schedule. Here are a few tips:

  • Start small and gradually increase the amount of time you spend working out. If you’re just starting out, try for 20-30 minutes a day, three times a week.
  • Set a regular time for your workouts at the gym and make it a priority. If you know you’re going to work out at the gym after work, you’ll be less likely to skip it.
  • Find a workout buddy or try a group fitness class. This can help hold you accountable and make working out more enjoyable.
  • No matter how busy your schedule is, there’s always time for exercise. And the benefits are well worth the effort!

Tips for staying motivated to keep up your new routine

Creating a new exercise routine is only half the battle. The other half is sticking to it! Here are a few tips for staying motivated:

  • Find activities that you enjoy and make working out fun. If you hate running on the treadmill, try group exercise classes or personal training.
  • Set goals and track your progress. This can help you see how far you’ve come and keep you motivated to reach your next goal.
  • Reward yourself! After reaching a goal, treat yourself to a new workout outfit or something else that will motivate you to keep going.

If you’re struggling to stay motivated, remember why you started exercising in the first place. The benefits are worth the effort! And with a little time and perseverance, you’ll be on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

Back-to-school season is a busy time for everyone, but it’s especially important to make time for your health. Incorporating an exercise routine into your schedule can have amazing benefits for both your mental and physical well-being.