Your Fitness Program is More Important Now Than Ever

Your Fitness Program is More Important Now Than Ever

With the current pandemic and changes in our routines, lifestyles, stress and decrease in our socialization, we are in desperate need for an outlet and healthy way to release that stress.


We all know the benefits of exercise; it reduces your risk of heart disease, helps control your weight, improves your memory and brain function, protects against chronic disease, improves your quality of sleep, reduces anxiety and stress, improves circulation and can reduce joint pain and increase flexibility, just to name a few. Exercise needs to be a priority with all of today’s stressors.


So, where do you start? How can we add it to our busy schedules with virtual learning and a decrease in childcare?


iNLeT Fitness has all your bases covered! Take a look at all the options to fit your current needs:

  • We have childcare! (Just make sure you sign up ahead of time).
  • We have a variety of group fitness classes you can do in person or live on our private Facebook page! (Sign up as space is limited).
  • We offer small group tribe team training.
    *Holiday bonus season is coming up!
    3 weeks of Tribe Team Training open to iNLeT members and non-members! 12/21 – 1/10!


  • We offer one-on-one personal training!
  • We offer small group personal training! You can create your own group, pick the time and days or you can join a current group. Contact me for details!
  • All of these options can be done virtually through Zoom!


Not sure which options would be best for you? Contact me directly at [email protected][email protected] and I can help you get in the right direction!