The Simple Psychology Behind
Working Out With Others

Discover the Fun of Group Fitness!

By Jeff Kline

Here at INLeT Fitness, we have really taken the bull by the horns with Tribe Team Training.  By offering a different take on personal training, Tribe creates opportunity with small group training.  Opportunity for all of us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s not just about working out to stay healthy, but also about collaborating, socializing, and accountability.  The belief that members are part of a group, and that sense of belonging, happiness, and acceptance people feel when they do things together is another very strong motivator.  Working side by side as a community creates strong bonds between participants who inspire, support and hold each other accountable in and outside of the Training Room.  Our space is comfortable and judgement free, so the motivation stays positive.

The psychology behind why it’s so much harder to do 20 burpees when you’re alone versus 20 burpees in a group is fundamental to how humans relate to one another. Group exercise leads to bonds that enhance exercise ability. Surprise, it also fosters competition, which can be an even stronger motivator.  We have mental blocks that tell us we can’t go any further, or faster, or higher.  When others are involved, it helps us overcome these mental blocks because you are in it with your Group.  You start and finish together as a Team.  It’s never about how much you workout, but how you workout.  Even if you’re not in the greatest shape, with a group you can push through pretty much anything.  Even if you’re tired, everyone else is doing it, so why should you give up?

When one person pushes themselves beyond their limits, it pushes other people to start increasing their activity. It’s positive reinforcement that stirs this sense of social aspiration. When you are by yourself, you may take an extra long break, or linger on that swig of water.  Most likely you are not going to be as disciplined with your workout as you would with your Team.  You want to be motivated to be your best self!  Your Team will not let you fail in that goal.

Here at Tribe Team Training, our aim is to be the best, work hard, and exceed expectations. No one in our Tribes gets left behind.  We unite together, we work together and as a result, we grow together.  We are one body, one unit, One Team – One Tribe.

Welcome to our Tribe – Together We Will Achieve More

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