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Body Composition Testing at Virginia Beach Gym

Get your body composition tested at iNLeT Fitness for just $20!

*$30 for non-members & $10 to re-test

The new year is right around the corner! Now is the time to see where you are and plan where you want to be with your fitness goals.

There are various methods to test your body composition, but you don’t have to spend the time researching which method is the best. We’ve got you covered!

iNLeT Fitness has the InBody170!  It’s one of the easiest most accurate ways to get your fitness stats! In less than 60 seconds you’ll find out:

  1. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR):

*BMR is how many calories you burn at rest. This number is important to know because every individual is different.  If you are interested in weight loss you’ll need to know this information for accurate daily calorie tracking.

  1. Body Fat Mass:

*This includes your essential body fat and stored body fat.

  1. Total Body Water:

*The average total body water percentage will fluctuate between 45 and 60% for women and 50 and 65% for men. An athlete should have 5% more body water than the average adult.

  1. Lean Body Mass:

*Calculated by subtracting the fat free mass from the body weight.

  1. Body Fat Percentage:

*Calculated by dividing the total mass of fat by total body mass, multiplied by 100. This includes your essential body fat and stored body fat.

  1. BMI:

*BMI – Body Mass Index. This is a number derived from your weight and height.

  1. Segmental Lean Analysis:

*This breaks down three main parts of your body; arms, legs and trunk. This can help understand distribution of muscle mass and body water. It can also indicate an injury.

There are several testing guidelines that you will need to follow prior to the test so make sure you contact us prior setting up your session! Call us today  at 757-412-0600!

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