Paula’s Testimonial

Tribe Team Training is a Great Workout!

I loved the idea of Tribe for our members but hesitated to do it myself as I typically have worked out on my own. I felt I didn’t need the group setting to motivate me to get a good workout. I joined a Tribe Fit group as a challenge from Rick Reed and thought I’d do it one 6 week season. This was over 5 months ago and I’m still doing Tribe and love it.

I enjoy the camaraderie and motivation of our small team. I never pushed myself as much as I do now and I can see a difference in my body and overall strength. My runs are better and my core is stronger than it has ever been. In the beginning, I was afraid of hurting myself but have since learned that now that I’m stronger I’m less likely to get injured. My Tribe Coach Jaq, corrects our form so that we are not only getting the most out of the exercise but to keep us from getting injured. Tribe Team Training has changed my mind on what I consider a good work out!

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