** Class is scheduled for outdoors but will go inside based on weather.
*** Class is weather dependent. Will be cancelled for bad weather.
(V) Means the class will be streamed into our Private Virtual Facebook Page.

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6:00 Chisel – Norm
8:30 BARRE (V) – Kim S.
8:30 Spin Beats 45 – Rachel
9:00 Outdoor TABATA ***-Mackensi
9:35 Spin – Kellie
10:40 Yin Yoga with MFR (V) – Marian
4:30 Outdoor Boot Camp*** – Carolanne
5:30 Cardio Chisel – Tony
5:30 Spin Beats – Rachel

FRIDAY, 7/23
5:30 Outdoor TABATA & Abs** -Lyndsay
6:00 Spin – Val
8:30 Spin – Margot
8:30 Chisel – Haley
9:00 Outdoor Boot Camp***-Rick
10:00 Spin 30 + Arms – Laurie
10:40 Yoga (V) – Meggie

8:00 OXT*** – Kara
8:00 Spin – Rachel
8:00 Chisel – Matt
9:15 Spin – Val
9:15 Dance Boot Camp – Chris

SUNDAY, 7/25
8:00 Outdoor Triple Threat 45**-Carolanne
8:00 Spin Beats – Margot
9:30 BARRE-lates on the deck**-Jenny
9:15 Spin Beats–Matt
** = Will go inside if weather is not cooperative

MONDAY, 7/26
5:30 Outdoor Functional Fit** NO CLASS
6:00 Spin – Val
7:15 Yoga (V) – Meggie
8:30 Yoga Basics Summer Series: Drea
8:30 Spin – Norm
9:15 Outdoor TABATA*** -Mackensi
9:35 Chisel– Drea
10:40 Tone & Stretch – Laurie
4:45 Spin 45 – Margot
5:45 Spin Beats 45 – Allison
6:00 HIIT 45 – Jana

6:00 Chisel (V) – Val
8:30 Spin 45 – Roberta
8:30 ZUMBA – Pam
9:35 Outdoor Boot Camp ***-Mackensi
9:35 Spin Beats – Rachel
9:35 BARRE (V) – Drea
4:30 Power Fit– Alexa
5:30 Spin – Val
5:45 Vinyasa on the deck **– Jenny
6:30 Boxing – Rod new!!
** = Will go inside if weather is not cooperative

6:00 Spin Beats 45 – Allison
8:00 Vinyasa (V) – Meggie
8:30 Spin Beats – Aimee
9:15 Outdoor GI Jane ***-Mackensi
9:35 Tighten & Tone -Laurie
10:40 Yin Yoga (V) – Drea
4:30 Triple Threat 45 – Val
5:45 Spin Beats 45 – Allison
6:00 TRX – Val new!!

6:00 Chisel – Norm
8:30 BARRE (V) – Laurie
8:30 Spin Beats 45 – Rachel
9:00 Outdoor TABATA ***-Val`
9:35 Spin – Kellie
10:40 Yin Yoga with MFR (V) – Marian
4:30 Outdoor Boot Camp** –Val
5:30 Cardio Chisel – Tony
5:30 Spin Beats – Rachel
** = Will go inside if weather is not cooperative

FRIDAY, 7/30
5:30 Outdoor TABATA & Abs** -NO CLASS
6:00 Spin – Val
8:30 Spin – Jana
8:30 Chisel – Phil
9:00 Outdoor Boot Camp***-Rick
10:00 Spin 30 + Arms – Laurie
10:40 Yoga (V) – Meggie

8:00 OXT*** – Kara
8:00 Spin – Margot
8:00 Chisel – Jana
9:15 Spin – Phil
9:15 Dance Boot Camp – Chris

8:00 Outdoor Triple Threat 45**-Kim H.
8:00 Spin Beats –Allison
9:30 BARRE lates on the deck – Jenny
9:15 Spin Beats– Matt
** = Will go inside if weather is not cooperative

iNLeT Fitness Group Fitness Descriptions
The goal of iNLeT’s Group Fitness Program is to provide you with professional instruction, a safe, effective, well balanced, and fun workout. We offer a variety of classes that focus on cardiovascular conditioning, strength and flexibility training, and mind-body awareness. Many of our classes are geared for all levels of fitness and some are more appropriate for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced exerciser. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read the following class descriptions so that you can get the most out of your workout and remain injury free. Remember, when participating in any class; always go at your own pace. Questions or Feedback? Please contact our iNLeT Fitness Group Fitness Director, Laurie Reed:

Cardio BG – Make your workout count in this class comprised of intervals of various cardio with a killer butts & guts workout!
Chisel – A total body lifting experience that improves your muscular endurance, tone, and definition. Weighted plates and bars are used. *CARDIO CHISEL incorporates intervals of cardio conditioning to get that heart rate back up!
CKB – Cardio Kick Boxing! Kick your heart rate into high gear with this interval training, boxing inspired class!
Cycle Spin*– Ride like a cyclist. Resistance, climbing, cadence, intervals, pace lines & sprinting. Experience an outdoor ride inside. All levels welcome.
Dance Bootcamp – High energy, dance fitness class with popular music, which incorporates rhythmic, weighted sculpting. PARTY!
Fast Fit 45 – This class is open for ALL levels of fitness! Timed circuits and core work allow you to move as fast you desire, at YOUR own pace! Forty-five minutes allows you to get in and out with a BIG sweat! Total body workout!
Functional Fit – Push, Pull, Press..YES! A happy medium between our cross training and chisel classes. ALL levels welcome!
H.I.I.T-High Intensity Interval Training – an enhanced form of interval training, alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with short recovery periods.
OXT*** – This awesome outdoor cross-training class moves you through intervals of cardio & weighted resistance. Plyometrics, drills, and strength stations utilizing ALL iNLeT’s outdoor strength-building toys! Battle ropes, tires, kettle bells, jump ropes, pull-up bars, etc. Come play!
Ride + Lift* – Get a 45-50 min SPIN session in, followed by all the weights! Burn out!!
Spin – Start pedaling and let go as your instructor takes you on the ride of your life! This class is an incomparable aerobic workout that uses a specialized stationary bike in a group setting. Perfect for the fitness enthusiast of all types and levels.
Spin 30 & Spin 45 – Not a lot of time? No worries, we have you covered with our 30 and 45-minute spin classes. Don’t be fooled…they are still INTENSE!
Spin 30 & Arms*– Join Laurie in her signature dance party spin style class. 25 minutes of exhilarating heart pumping spin that will incorporate (optional) handle bar/upper body work while you pedal. Class concludes with standing light weighted small isometric bicep, tricep and shoulder exercises and followed by stretch. Great for ALL levels!!!
Spin Beats– This high intensity interval spin class is driven by the beat of the music. Class includes weights while on the bike to tone your upper body, push-ups and press-ups. You’ll burn calories and get sweaty all while rocking out to your favorite tunes!
Spin Intervals – Enjoy intervals of SPIN! Also using resistance work, utilizing: bands, dumbbells & body weight off the bike.
TABATA® – A method of exercise consisting of intervals completed in a span of time: 8 rounds of 20 seconds of all out max effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. Sound like fun?
Triple Threat – Strength, Cardio & Abs/core. Separated into segments so you can focus on each!
TRX Intervals*– The TRX Suspension Trainer will improve and challenge your core stability and overall strength. Other equipment will be utilized in class for interval training to maximize your effort and increase your heart rate. Reservation required!
VIRTUAL RIDE* – Take a seat in our SPIN Studio and allow our MYZONE monitor to take you through a SPIN class!
ZUMBA® – When participants see a Zumba class in action, they can’t wait to give it a try. Zumba classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before participants know it, they’re getting fit and their energy levels are soaring!