Testimonial – Jamie

Testimonial – Jamie



I began training with Jamie in late October; my first baby was almost 1 year old and I had been working hard to push my body to get stronger and healthier. I knew there was a lot Jamie could teach me and new limits she could push me to. I was excited to work with my fellow group members and get to know them better as we all worked towards improving ourselves. As I started my first workout with the group I was admittedly nervous, would I be able to keep up with the workout? I survived the 1st workout and those that followed – Jamie kept the workouts fresh and we never knew what we were in store for in the next training session.

When the group training season began Jamie let our group know we would be doing a fitness assessment at the beginning and end of our season. This assessment would test our cardio endurance and strength. She would design our workouts throughout the season to help us improve in these areas.

Training with Jamie gave me the opportunity to work harder and test my limits. My group members were a constant motivation and we all fed off of each other’s energy to push ourselves harder. I am proud to say I crushed my second assessment shaving minutes off my cardio and strength portion. My final measurements showed I lost 10 inches in 6 weeks!

*What did you enjoy most about group training? Getting to know my group members better, we are all from different fitness backgrounds but motivate each other to be stronger and healthier.

* What were your reservations about joining group training? Doing a workout that I didn’t have control over – I’m not one to do exercises that I’m not a fan of when I am working individually

*One word to describe the group of people you trained with: Strong!

*One word to describe your trainer:  Knowledgeable

*Favorite new exercise learned over the last six weeks: Double kettlebell swings, I love kettlebell swings and these make me feel so strong!

*Exercise you hated most: Wall Climbers – I’m not very coordinated so I feel like I’m going to fall on my face!

*What pleases you the most about your six-week progress? Overall improvements in speed and strength – losing 10 inches in 6 weeks!