Say “Hello” to Val!

Say “Hello” to Val!

Meet Val Thompson, a Spin and Chisel instructor at both of our Virginia Beach gyms. Born in Cuba, Val has lead classes at iNLeT Fitness since 2012. She is the epitome of a team player, and her passion for fitness is evident.

Known and loved for her support and encouragement, Val cares about each class member, their workouts, and their success. Ask anyone what they feel is her best quality, and they will tell you it’s her heart.

Want to know what makes her smile? Pink starbursts. And MC Hammer singing, “U Can’t Touch This.”

Join us in congratulating Val as our Instructor of the Month!

  • What brought you to iNLeT Fitness?
    I was a member at Olympian Gym for several years. When Inlet opened in
    2001 I walked in, signed up and I never left. I knew then Inlet would be my home for good. Eddie, Dave Brown and Bruce helped me meet my personal body building goals then and I continue to this day.
  • What is your favorite season & why?
    Summer! Longer days and the beach of course!
  • What would the title of your Autobiography be?
    Life is better with dogs.
  • What motivates you in the gym?
    Just being in the gym is an instant high that I cannot describe. The energy and the workout goals that is so apparent among everyone. Also, serving those I work for and work with. That is self-motivating!

Do you want to learn more about Val? Find the full interview here, and don’t forget to sign up for one of her high-energy group fitness classes!