December Instructor Spotlight: Katie C.

December Instructor Spotlight: Katie C.

Name: Katie C.
Nicknames: Katie M (LOL! Thanks Megan!)
Birthday: January 16
Where were you born? Baltimore MD
When did you start teaching at iNLeT? May 2018

What brought you to iNLeT Fitness?
Christine introduced me to iNLeT and after my
interview with Laurie and taking her class directly
after, I knew it is where I belonged!

What would your significant other say if we asked them your worst habit?
Leaving my shoes all around the house. LOL


What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
If I were invisible, I’d probably tag along with my husband for the day.
Since he works for the Navy everything is so top secret,
it would be fun to see what his everyday looks like!


What is a sound that you love the most?
My son’s laugh and My daughter saying “ I love you”.


What is something you say a lot?
“For sure”