3 Fast Ways to Blast Fat

Exercise is a Great Weight Loss Tool!

Are you in a hurry to lose those unwanted inches? Ready to rid yourself of those unwelcome pounds? iNLeT Fitness, the best gym in Virginia Beach, has what you need to succeed. Our health club offers services and amenities to help you get fit, fast. Know what else? You’ll have fun, too!

With over 60 classes each week, group fitness classes at our Virginia Beach gym provide you with the energy, motivation, and confidence you need to get it done. Our certified trainers offer structure to keep you on track, and you’ll be surrounded by others who, like you, are ready to meet this challenge head on.

How’s that?

We know that dropping inches isn’t always easy; it takes commitment and a positive, winning mindset. You can do it! To help get you started — here are three ways you can blast fat — and do it fast — at INLeT Fitness.

Up the Intensity

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a workout composed of three minutes of intense exercise, followed by one minute at a slower pace. Then you start all over and repeat for a few more rounds.

For example, three minutes of mega-watt spinning is followed by one minute of slower cycling. The intense spinning will skyrocket your heart rate, and the slower cycling will allow your heart and breathing to slow down and recover. But not for long! After one minute of slow intensity, you’ll do it all over again. The quick burst of energy – followed by a recovery time – keeps your metabolism working long after you’ve stopped exercising. In fact, you’re likely to continue burning fat for hours afterward!

Maximum Effort

Ever heard of Tabata? It’s a quick workout that will push your body to the extreme; in fact, it may feel like the longest four minutes you’ve ever experienced.

This type of interval training requires 20 seconds of one type of exercise (for example, lunges) where you give it all you’ve got. You rest for 10 seconds and then hit it again for another 20 seconds of another exercise (like push-ups). After eight rounds, you’re done. But the fat-burning continues on, long after you’ve left our Virginia Beach health club.

Swing It!

Loosen up and move to the rhythms of a Zumba class. It’s more dance than exercise, but don’t let that fool you. Your heart will be pumping, your muscles will be toning, and the calories will be burning as you work out to high-energy Latin and international beats. Think of it as an exercise party!

Check out our group fitness schedule for more classes to spin, dance, and chisel away those inches and burn those calories.

Or better yet, swing by INLeT Fitness and check out our amazing amenities, meet with a personal trainer, and get ready to blast that fat into another dimension!


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