January Instructor Spotlight: Laurie Reed

Name: Laurie Reed Nickname: Mama Reed Birthday: April 15 Where were you born? Bronx, New York When did you start teaching at iNLeT? Haha! I taught the VERY first class on the first day we opened! 8am Hi-Low class on March 18, 2000!!     What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? Rick with his vision, […]

December Instructor Spotlight: Kara Kociuba

Name: Kara Kociuba Nicknames: KK, Karrot Birthday: August 21 Where were you born? Bethesda, MD When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 2011     What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? I was fresh out of college, loved working out, and needed a part time job. I started at iNLeT working the front desk at South and shortly thereafter began […]

Instructor Spotlight for August: Kim Scholl

Name: Kim Scholl Nicknames: Kimmie Birthday: 8/31 Where were you born? Kansas When did you start teaching at iNLeT? Feb 2017 What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? A chance meeting with Laurie Reed at a wedding, her radiant personality made a great first impression! What is something you are afraid of? Scuba diving.  Deep water scares the […]

July Instructor Spotlight: Keleigh

Name: Keleigh Chepy Nicknames: Kels Birthday: July 7, 1977 Where were you born?: Bluefield  Va When did you start teaching at iNLeT? January 2012 “I taught Pilates at body and soul Pilates in Norfolk, Va. and I taught a core and more class at Anytime fitness. My favorite iNLeT memory is teaching a barre class […]

Instructor Spotlight on Jana

Name: Jana Riddel Nicknames: Banana Birthday: The Day after Christmas Where were you born?: Columbia, SC When did you start teaching at iNLeT? 6 years ago or so What is something you say a lot? “It is what it is”   and  “Beat it”  What is your favorite Restaurant? Hands down, Il Giardino  What is your favorite TV […]

Group Fitness Spotlight – Christopher Jackson

Name: Christopher Jackson Nicknames: None Birthday: 1968 Where were you born?: United Kingdom When did you start teaching at iNLeT? Over 10 years ago. Before joining iNLeT Fitness as a spinning instructor, Christopher was an avid runner, often participating in triathlons and Sprint Series. He partially tore his Achilles tendon, though, and had to give […]

Group Fitness Instructor Spotlight: Ashley

Nicknames: Ash Birthday: 10/18/84 Prior to becoming a member of our Virginia Beach gym in 2011, Ashley was an avid runner. “I pretty much just ran,” she acknowledges. “A lot.” After joining the iNLeT Fitness family, though, Ashley found OXT, TABATA, and spin classes. She also incorporated weight training into her routine for a much […]

Norm Lyster | Group Fitness Instructor

Name: Norm Lyster Nicknames: Stormin’, Abby, Norm Birthday: Sep 29th, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Where were you born?:  Pensacola, FL When did you start teaching at iNLeT?  2003 What is your favorite indulgence? Having a drink while floating in the pool looking out over the water. Tell us something […]

Instructor Spotlight: Andrea Miran

What brought you to iNLeT Fitness? Laurie! She was looking for a freestyle step instructor and I was recommended so she called me.