April Instructor Spotlight: Ashley Ferreri

April Instructor Spotlight: Ashley Ferreri

Name: Ashley Ferreri
Nicknames: Ash
Birthday: February 27
Where were you born? San Jose, California
When did you start teaching at iNLeT? March 2018


What brought you to iNLeT Fitness?
I had just moved to Virginia Beach and was in need of both a new gym and job. A friend of mine who’s a member here suggested I check Inlet out and here I still am a year later!


What is your favorite indulgence?
Dessert in general, but ice cream is my weakness.
I’m pretty sure it’s genetic because my entire family is just as obsessed.


Who is someone (dead or alive) you would LOVE to workout with and why?
Lolo Jones because she was my idol growing up as a hurdler. She’s a two sport Olympian AND she’s hilarious so I think we’d have a good time.


What is the most recent show you have binged on Netflix?
I was going to lie and say something normal like New Girl, but if I’m being honest it was The Ted Bundy Tapes. I’m super into all those crazy crime documentaries/podcasts.


What is one of your favorite childhood memories?
Spending my summers on my grandparents’ farm. No cable tv and no internet, just my imagination and all the time in the world to be a kid.